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Renhoildt Turning The Corner


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Brampton Blades aged winger Verner Reinholdt has appeared to turned the corner on his first ever VHLM season. The swede who once had a single point for countless games now sits with 14 points in 49 games. For a player who joined the squad a few weeks into the season, it's clear that the practice and training hours are slowly beginning to work. While his overall points numbers may not be the type you usually see in the VHLM by star power players, for an old veteran looking to get back into things it's the improvements shown throughout the season that should give scouts hope. Further more, Reinholdt has a +21 on the season, which coaches say is impressive given his limited game and ice time earlier in the season. Coach of the Brampton Blades Conner Low had the following to say about Verner's play,. 



He skates well. He see's the ice well. The points haven't been there this season but he came into us after training camp and had a lot of adjusting to do. Not just because of age, and the flows of the game since he last played. But also systems and how this team operates. I know for him personally he was less concerned with exploding the score sheet and more concerned that he wasn't a liability on the ice for us. Sure you may not notice him every single night, not yet at least but he has that potential. But on the other end of the puck he doesn't make a lot of mistakes and you can put him out there and let him try to create and grow his game without the fear that your going to be giving up the puck a lot. Really the only complaint we've had is in regards to penalties. He can get a bit steamheaded and he got ejected the first game he joined us. But it gives our locker room and boys more fire too so. We hope to see a real evolution of his offensive game in the playoffs however. 


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