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Claimed:Where The Top 5 in point scoring stand now

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The career stats have always been one of my fav. things to look at so now let us take a look at the top 5 in VHL scoring and where they stand right now. 


Joel Jarvi - New York Americans @gregreg

Joel Jarvi started this season with the Seattle Bears but was traded to Riga Reign before the season started but then was quickly flipped to Cologne before ending up in New York to end the season. At least that is how i think it went but that hardly matters because Jarvi has had a monster season so far and will win the VHL Top Scoring Trophy. He started the season with 432 game played, 176 goals and 301 assists for 477 points. So far this season he has, 60 goals and 98 assists for 158 points. That puts his total at 502 GP, 236 goals and 399 assists for 635 points in his career. This total puts him at 87th all time in VHL scoring and depending on how the last two games go, he might end up passing Matt Bentley and James Bencharski. Too bad, he is calling it a career this season. Just imagine what could have been if he stayed in Cologne.


AK47 - Cologne Express @701

AK47 wasn't having that much of a spectacular career up until this season with just 216 GP, 91 goals and 76 assists for 167 points. He has been a good depth piece for contending teams. Then Cologne and Joel Jarvi happened. This season he has gone off for 70 goals and 65 assists for 135 points. This total would put him at 286 GP, 161 goals and 141 assists for 302 points. He nearly doubled his whole career output in this one season. He started the year tied with Sean Blacker at roughly 529th in career scoring. After 70 games this season he has jumped up to roughly 386th in career points with Ondrej Skokan Jr. Depending on the last two games, he could pass players like Yvan Schrute and Thomas Duddy.


Diana Maxwell - New York Americans @Streetlite

Lost in the madness that is Jarvi, Maxwell is having a very fine season herself. So far this season she has played in 70 games, scored 62 goals and assisted on 70 goals for 132 points and is making a hard push for 2nd overall in league scoring. At the start of this season Diana Maxwell had played in 216 games, scoring 89 goals and assisting on 90 goals for 179 points. This was good enough for 525th overall in career scoring. Right now she stands at 151 goals and 160 assists for 311 points. That total now puts him at 378th all time in scoring ahead of Regie Johnson and just behind Thomas Corcoran. He would need 3 points in 2 games to pass Corcoran and 5 points to catch Jon Clarke and Alex Carter for 375th all time. 


Unassisted - New York Americans - @STZ

Unassisted has HOF written all over him. He started this season with as one of the highest players currently on the active list of players and continued his climb with another 100+ point season. This season he has scored 55 goals and assisted on 75 goals for 129 points. He started around 155th all time in VHL history with 245 career goals and 293 career assists for 538 career points. After this season he has a total of 300 goals and 368 assists for 668 points in just 430 games. Right now he is 68th all time in points just ahead of Daniel Braxton and is 1 point behind Freedom McJustice and Zak Rawlyk while also being just 3 points behind Jody 3 Moons and Voittu Jannula. So he can climb to 61st in all time if he can get 3 points in his final 2 games.


Max Von Hohenzollern - Cologne Express - @RomanesEuntDomus

Max had a very strong rookie season with 54 goals and 44 assists for 98 points in 72 games. He managed to do even better in his sophomore season with 61 goals and 67 assists for 128 points. He started this season 613th in career scoring. His career totals now look like 115 goals and 111 assists for 226 points. He has jumped all the way to 471st in career scoring tied with Jace Hines and just 1 point behind Mike Klopfer. It will be interesting to see how he does without Joel Jarvi next season. 

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7 minutes ago, TheLastOlympian07 said:

Joel Jarvi started this season with the Seattle Bears but was traded to Riga Reign before the season started but then was quickly flipped to Cologne before ending up in New York to end the season.


Da fuck? Didn't he play all of his other games with Cologne? 

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9 minutes ago, Da Trifecta said:

Says "herself" for Maxwell then proceeds to call Maxwell a "he". @Streetlite I would not stand for this BS if I was you.


If there were any trans on this site I'm sure we'd be seeing a lot of triggered honestly. We are so liberal with he/she when players create Female skaters. Especially since we don't have gender labels in our create a player so the only defining aspect that makes Maxwell as she is her name. For all we know it is a he who wants to identify as a she. 


We probably need an expose on the real gender of Diana Maxwell, but that is probably super offensive to him or her. 


Also @TheLastOlympian07....


Good article sir. 



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