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Claimed: You'll Be Rolling Around On The Floor And Laughing At The Worst Trade Offer I Ever Received!


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So with all this recent talk about the worst trades ever made in the VHL, I figured I'd give a bit of a unique peek behind the curtain at something else pertaining to bad trades, but instead of talking about one I actually made, I'll talk about the worst offer I ever received from another GM. Now, since I was only GM of New York for four seasons, there's not really that great of a subsection to look through, but this is the offer that stood out to me when re-perusing my PM inbox:


So this was offered to me by Seattle Bears GM Blake Campbell in Season 49. To give some context to those who weren't here, Season 49 was a very competitive season in the North American Conference, with everyone but the Wranglers going for glory. The Bears had easily the most successful Free Agency at this time, managing to retain the services of Jeff Hamilton and also bringing in Biggu Kyanon. This trade was offered to me just after the regular season had started:



To You - 

S50 SEA 2nd

S50 TOR 2nd

S50 CGY 3rd


To Me -

S50 NYA 1st


Now, this still kinda looks bad without context, but I will add a little more to the table to show why I felt it was such a bad offer:

- The best pick SEA was offering was their own 2nd, which considering the relative strength of the two conferences, wouldn't be any earlier than 14th overall

- TOR were on a tear to start the season, which meant that their 2nd was looking to be, at the earliest, 18th overall. 

- When the trade was offered to me, total number of prospects in the draft - 15, with about 2 1/2 weeks left for entries into that draft, meaning I had been offered at least two picks with no guaranteed shot of a player.


The funniest part of the deal in retrospect is that they were offering me that deal with me knowing full well that they thought that New York were going to be the team to miss the playoffs, so they were trying to pick up what they believed to be a lottery pick with 2nd and 3rd rounders! What makes this even funnier in retrospect is that it would only be a couple of weeks later, due to a double digit point deficit over the third place team in the conference, that after struggling with an underwhelming forward core and a lack of a true center, the Bears would do a complete 180 and actually decided to trade off the majority of their talent and start a complete rebuild. 


Now I'm not blaming Blake Campbell for offering me this and this article isn't meant to shame him in any way (I mean if I'd accepted, he'd have looked like a genius), but the offer did make me laugh. My reply to his offer read as follows





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