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Claimed:Bears Announce S53 Captaincy (changes too, eh)


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At the start of the season, we carried on what we had been rolling with for the last few seasons. Bogdan Podarok wore the "C" for us, while Rodriguez and Petenis wore the "A" for us. Podarok was one of the biggest contributor to the locker room, once of our strongest pieces on the ice and one of the most loyal players to ever be under me. I GM'd him in the juniors, made the jump up to Seattle and got to lead him here too. We entered a rebuild and not only did he want to stay, but he signed a long term deal. I may have a different style of building a team, running a team and managing a VHL organization. We all have different personalities and we all have different values when it comes to players, assets and other things. I think we could all agree though that Podarok was highly deserving of wearing the "C" on his chest for the Bears organization while he was here. When I found out he had retired, I of course was frustrated and annoyed by the situation. He was one of the guys who disliked when other players had done it previously, then he went and did it himself. He could of just left the site and not touched his player, or he could of done welfare while he sorted his life out. Yet, I'm thankful he was a Bear and he was apart of the ride. No hard feelings, only best wishes.


With that said and with the Bears finishing off the season to win their second straight Victory Cup, It's time to make some changes to the organization. Seattle has been amazing for me, to me and has seen a lot of success. When I got the job, I couldn't have been more excited to lead the team. I may not always be perfect or even good. Sometimes I got a big mouth, overreact or whatever it may be, but I lead with a huge heart and put a hell of a lot of work into the team and making my players have big years and to enjoy themselves. Every single day, I will put my guys over myself. I have no problem playing second line to Rodriguez if that means he's happy, he kicks ass and he stays. Seattle has seen such strong loyalty and commitment from each player that we brought in and saying thank you would simply not be enough. I couldn't have done it without you guys and I owe it all to you. Hopefully we end this year out with a huge bang and get you all what you've deserved for some time now. As we round into playoffs, we sit and wait for Quebec and New York to find a winner in the first series. However, I feel as though change is important and needed and simply put. very deserving in this situation. I've decided to make a late seasonal change to the Seattle Bears captaincy. Without further blabbing and delay, your S53 Bears Captains...


:sea:Guntis Petenis:sea: - @hedgehog337



Similar to Podarok, Petenis was loyal from day one. Throughout his time with Seattle, he followed the rest of them and signed a long term deal with the team. When we first picked him up, his player was a slight gamble but has truly turned into a big-time dman for us who has helped us hugely throughout the last couple seasons. Additionally, he's one of the strongest members in the locker room and league and has been recognized for it by receiving a VHL GM job. Though we may be opponents and potentially a friendly rivalry in the standings, and whether Petenis follows you to Riga, you will always be a Bear, mate. Very deserving "A" and a very easy choice. Thanks for helping make Seattle what it's become. 


:sea:Jeff Hamilton:sea: - @sterling




May surprise some, while it may be expected by others. Was tough between Parechkin and Sterling as Parechkin may be more vocal in the locker room, but we're paying tribute to an old time Bear who came home to finish his career here. Thus, we plan on doing it right. Hamilton was and is a huge part to this team and unfortunately, I sent him packing back in Season 49 (though, it was to fulfill his wishes as he wanted to compete). The day we found out he was signing with us this previous off-season, it was a huge boost to us and our momentum heading into the season. One of the best dmen to lace up the skates and a very iconic Seattle Bear - we're happy to have Hamilton pay tribute to such an elite talent in their final playing season. Cheers, Sterling.




:sea:Filipe Rodriguez:sea: - @evrydayimbyfuglien



He's one of the biggest reasons we are where we are right now. He made the swap from playing defense to playing forward and while being skeptical on the center position, he made the swap to it. With a little extra pocket change in the bank, he made it all happen for the Seattle Bears. He teared through the season and got us 115 points individually and has gone on one hell of a tear the last little stretch here. Maybe wasn't thrilled about leaving Quebec, but let me tell you, he's become one hell of a fucking Bear and if we win the cup this year, he's going to be a huge reason as to why we did. Way too many reasons for this guy to wear the "C" for us now and a very fitting season and scenario for him to be putting it on his jersey.


(For Federov)



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First time in a long time that I'm ineligible for the Grimm Jonsson. :)

Kind of makes me laugh that ADwyer wanted to capitalize on that and try to earn that trophy himself this season, but then went inactive. Ah, well. Good luck to him.



@evrydayimbyfuglien FOR THE GRIMM!!

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On 3/14/2017 at 5:01 PM, DollarAndADream said:

Kind of funny for all the people who predicted me to win the Grimm.


Plus, I predicted Podarok and he's inactive and doesn't have a letter now. :P

This is why Parechkin did not get an "A" . 


Damn. I think I picked him too, lol.



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