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Claimed: S54 draft potential steals and more.


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*They've been lurking all the time, but don't make no mistakes. They are ''just'' the steals...*



We managed to create a hype for S54 draft. This draft is about to be unpredictable (thanks to @Kendrick, my uncertainty and the influx of goalies); plus, we have at least 3 active first-gens, so this draft becomes more special. That's why I'll try to make this draft more interesting for everybody, not only for TOP 10 players.



Active draft steal rankings:



1. Jon Snow @ChiefNoka4 - TPE: 51


Ottawa Lynx is on fire, I swear. @JardyB10 was able to recruit a couple of active first gens and Jon Snow is one of them. He joined VHL in mid-season and I had some questions about his future, but now he's on pace for being the best S54 draft steal. And given that some goalie might fall even to second round, he even can crack TOP 10.


2. Slava Aleksei @Tyler - TPE: 58


Now that's a name I haven't heard in seasons. I still remember his Milos Denis who was a reliable first/second line player, but now Tyler is back with another forward. Perhaps we could see another solid depth player? I think he has all the tools to be at least a second line player in the future.


3. Rask Rowe @Rowe89 - TPE: 62


He started pretty well an he still can become a good first-gen player. But he's not the first option in my eyes - I already mentioned in Kendrick's draft rankings that Rowe has some IRL issues so might be a mid-second round pick. We will see if he will be able to come back to full activity.


4. Luca Volkov @Kyle - TPE: 45


He isn't the hardest working guy among all draftees, but hey, he's still updating. Can Kyle find a motivation to update hos Volkov at least to 200 TPE? Maybe. Let's hope for that.



Will they return?


Harambe @Seth - TPE: 53


#SethKnew that he's going to be inactive once again? Well, that's a shame. He started with a bang when he returned, but that didn't last long. Good luck in the end of second round :mjcry.


Riley Harper @Daniel - TPE: 54


That's an interesting case. Daniel still pops in almost (?) every day, but the last update happened somewhere on February. He had plans to make a full comeback after retiring Dadonov, but I guess his IRL things doesn't allows him to do that. But if he would find some time for Harper, we will have one more steal.


Jean Claude Girrard @Cope - TPE: 56


Another member who started as a promising young gun, but right now he is just an inactive mid/end second round pick. He was #10 TPE earner for a long time, until some people didn't move him to the middle of TOP 20. Sad lyf, I guess he won't come back.



Special draft steal:


Vernon von Axelberry @BobertZ - TPE: 162


Well, the goalie situation is so unpredictable we could see some surprises in an upcoming draft. Plenty of teams already have a goalie so I think Axelberry is gonna fall to second round which can make him a steal, because when was the last time the 162 TPE player wasn't drafted in first round?



That's it and I'm out.



6 TPE goes to Petenis.

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