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Premier Defenseman Profile


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Michael Kinkaid - D





6'4", 218 lbs

Buffalo, NY, USA

Age: 18

Shoots: Left



Passing, Defense, Scoring, Strength


 Kinkaid is a big, strong defenseman who can move the puck and has a booming shot. His passing ability was highly noted in juniors, as despite missing a few games from suspension, he picked up 48 assists in 42 games in his last junior season. He racked up 14 goals to go along with it, while finishing with a dazzling +51 rating. His ability to use his size and strength, combined with his high hockey IQ, led to him always being able to make the right defensive play, and smart passing turned that defense into quick strike offence for his teammates. He's got an absolute cannon of a shot, winning the hardest shot competition last season. He's well rounded, and has all the important skills you ask of a defenseman.



Skating, Discipline


A really smart player, there are too many glaring weaknesses to Kinkaid's game. While he may not be the best at everything, things like Puck Handling and Checking are definitely not weak points. There are 2 that are pretty glaring, however. His skating ability is not up to par. He is pretty good at hiding it though, as he uses his smarts and his great passing ability to mask some of his deficiencies. It's plain to see though, that he won't win any races any time soon. Discipline is his biggest issue. Kinkaid plays on the edge, and sometimes he goes too far. He's got a quick temper, and sometimes that leads to him making some bone-headed moves. As noted above, he served a suspension last season in juniors, an 8 gamer for a pretty vicious retaliatory hit from behind. Aside from that, he keeps to a lot of offsetting minors, not afraid to back away from the pushing and shoving.


The Other Stats

Puck Handling, Checking, Fighting, Faceoffs, Penalty Shot


As mentioned, Kinkaid is far from weak in these categories. While his puck handling might not be the greatest we've ever seen, he's still great with the puck, and can make the moves when he needs to. He's just worked harder at making good, smart passes, and that's more important anyway. He's also not the most physical guy for someone of his size, but when he gets the opportunity, he won't hesitate to make a hit. Now the other stuff, obviously as a defenceman, his skill in faceoffs is negligible, though he did go 1/1 last season after his centerman was thrown out down 5-on-3. His penalty shot skills aren't great, but once again a brief dazzle in his last season, where he scored 2/2, one of which was quite the nice dispy-doodle. His fighting skills are pretty good, as he's got the size and weight. When he throws them, he's dominant, but he doesn't throw them often. He sticks more to pushing and shoving with the gloves on, but he will mix it up every so often.



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