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Markus King sets record straight


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Claims this past week about whether Markus King would ever suit up for the Riga Reign if he was selected by the franchise were addressed after a Brampton Blades practice. Apparently King has gone on record to refute those claims is had his own thoughts on the situation following practice.


"I won't rule any team out completely and if I was selected by a team I would hope they have faith to stick with me for my entire career as I'd be committed as long as they are committed to winning. I have never turned down a team from any point in time but my agent does have certain connections with franchises and also has broken off connections with others. I'm open to anything really", said King.


An interesting note here is that King hinted that Davos is a team that isn't really committed as their GM seems to be somewhat missing at times and that worries him. In recent years questions have been brought up over whether Davos is really all that active in the free agency world or even ones who spark talks in relation to trades.


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I heard Higgins wanted to create a Community GM for Davos where the league votes on everything in poll format, most votes is the move that happens.


Who should Davos draft with 2nd overall?

A King

B Yu

C Torstein

D Gretzky


Should Davos accept trade offered from Toronto?



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