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Make dual welfare an option

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Since the initial rush has gone and the two player system is in motion, would it be a good idea to add the welfare option for second players as well.

The previous time I raised this issue with the Board it was shut down, so maybe let it come with a catch.


The second players will have to once again earn there +4 tpe weekly. The 400 tpe system should count seperatly for second players.

So in my case I would be able to claim 4 with Maximoff, but only 2 with my second player (this will be for its entire career). The player I create after that second, is once again a 'first player' then. 


Just some thoughts, but I feel it could be a nice twist (and makes people like me have to work to get their second players up to speed again).

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Sadly this is a no from me. I love having welfare, I love our ability to cater to members who don't have as much time as others and still afford them opportunities to build good players. But now you want the opportunity to build two good players? 


If you don't have enough time to do PT's then we shouldn't be catering to you having two players. I'm sorry but that is how I feel, it's nothing personal. The balance of people doing PT's vs claiming weflare I find is very delicate, and provided we continue with a PT system I believe that having it so that you can only claim welfare on a single player is the right move. 

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