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S54 FA class?


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I'm stating the obvious, but still - S54 FA class is gonna be weak af. There are almost no players the contender teams can go for and it can turn the off-season into a boredom. Let's see the best FA available.


Jakab Holik (:sea:) @Beketov. He might be one of the hottest FA in next off-season. However, I heard Seattle will re-sign him. Still rumors tho.

Sir William Covington III (:hel:) @BobertZ. Another hot player who will get lots of offers probably lots of money. I have a feeling that he'll re-sign with Helsinki, but he Robbie can be unpredictble.

Black Velvet (:hel:) @Higgins. This guy is also FA, but don't even try to tell me that Higgins won't re-sign with himself.

Travis Gowecny (:sto:) @eaglesfan036. Eagles haven't updated his guy since last year, but that doesn't stops Travis from being a big piece in FA market. It's hard to tell what he's going to do since the Vikings are about to have a tense off-season.

Titan Kronos (???) @Evans. That's a bold statement to sit out the whole S53. But maybe enough is enough?

AK - 47 (:col:) @701. Inactive, but still might be solid. I guess Cologne is gonna re-sign him as inactive tho.


Tyson Kohler (:sto:) @Kendrick. He has the mutual option for the next season and that means he could join his FA peers. But will he? Might be an intriguing story.



1 TPE goes to Petenis.

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As of right now I have not re-signed in Seattle but I am considering all potential options. I want to be with a team that needs a solid starting goalie and plans to try and compete. If that happens to be Seattle I'll re-sign. If it happens to be someone else then we shall see.

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2 hours ago, punkhippie said:

Is that even allowed with his other player on Calgary?


Oh wait, he's going to change a rule or exploit a loophole if he wants.

No it's not possible. He now has to abide by the GM tag rule.

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