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VHL's Mysteries/Facts


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  • Max von Hohenzollern ????
  •  ????
  • Is @HFD and @HF92 related ?
  • Is @HFD actually @BOOM
  • Is @Scooter actually @Mr. Grumpy Bear aka BUSHITO
  • Where is my cousin @Gigga-Bijou ????
  • Will @TheLastOlympian07 stop being a lil' bitch
  • What is inside Cologne's water bottle ?
  • Can I get some ?
  • Will the VHLM reduce the teams to 2 ?
  • Will one of those team still tank ?
  • Seriously, wtf Cologne
  • @Salt has killed more black people than you would think ?
  • Will the grading be great again ?
  • Fuck u @Devise
  • But honestly, fuck u @Jala
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