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Claimed: What's going on with VHLM? Part #2.


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*Soak this @boubabi's masterpice up while you can...Bratislava is done.*



...The S53 didn't even start, but I already had a plan for my team, Bratislava Watchmen. The plan was to start a rebuild, because I didn't have a lots of players and I realized I could get some valuable picks instead. I wanted to start competing in S54, but soon I saw I had almost no picks there so I decided to take these picks to S55. At the end, Bratislava had two firsts, two seconds and two thirds - decent enough to make something happen. And even when I went to Riga, I was sure about my ex-team's future. All the potentially next GM needed to do, is being at least half-active and trying to add more picks in S54. So I was fine with leaving VHLM as I already imagined Bratislava in S55...until I saw this @Higgins post:


''Bratislava's final game tonight vs. Bern, say good bye.''


That caught me off guard a little bit, but I was still thinking he's joking. But after some time I realized he is dead serious. At the end of the day, I was pretty dissapointed with that announcement, as I wasn't leaving Brat's for that outcome. There are couple of reasons why I wasn't and still not fond of Bratislava cut:


1. This team won 7 cups in 23 seasons of existence, hence the franchise was very successful. And now you're going to tell me Bratislava was cut just because at the very moment this team had no GM? That's weird.

2. This might be wrong part from myself, but: if commishes and BoG already knew they're going to cut Bratislava from the very start of S53/before S53, then just why not to tell me about it? I still had Sokolov, Beaverton, a guaranteed goalie (this time OLOPM) and Syndergaard who was sent down by NY GM, plus some picks. Also, I managed to sign Slava Aleksei in mid-season.  I probably would've made the contender and finish this team's history with a decent playoff run or even a cup. The ending we have now is shitty - last in standings, CPU players besides of @frescoelmo and no GM (theoretically I still was in charge, I even sent the lines for the last day). Very sad lyf.

3. Bratislava is the team where I made my GM career more legit. That's more sentiment point tho.






As I said in last day, cutting the team was a fine move itself, although I'm still salty about the Watchmen's dismiss. Only time will tell is this plan going to work, but for now even this move might not be enough - right now we have 15 VHLM draftees, which is a fairly decent amount, but we could use more players though for at least three rounds.


P.S. #1

While I'm sitting and crying about Bratislava, @Devise and @Jericho probably are not happy either - they are suggesting to cut the whole VHLM to make the VHL league more entertaining. This time, commishes and BoG decided to cut ''only'' one team.


P.S. #2

The Watchmen's S53 thread name is ''Good bye my lover''. #HedgeKnew



That's it and I'm out.


6 TPE goes to Krīgars

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Yukon was going to be cut except Streetlight said he wants to continue as their GM so there's no reason to remove them now. Opportunity came knocking when a team with no players or manager appeared. Wasn't a target just the best option out all the teams.

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8 minutes ago, Higgins said:


let the record also show he doesn't give a shit about the VHLM





well after searching there seems to be a shortage of 'Fair enough' GIF's on the internet

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