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Claimed: Low heading to Switzerland


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:dav:Low Stepping into the big shoes:dav:

Image result for whl general manager announcement

Low skating with the Blades earlier in the season


Early today in the VHL it was finally announced that the HC Davos Dynamo have found their new man in charge. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that the candidate came out of left field to announce his intentions to take over the storied franchise. When the league released the press released around 7:00PM eastern standard time that Hall of Fame defenseman Connor Low would be leaving his post as the General Manager of the Brampton Blades to take over the Dynamo, social media was lite up with many different reactions from fans and VHL players. Outside of a quick conversation back in Season Forty-Six with then Quebec General Manager Clinton Chevy, Low was never approached with any VHL management opportunities, nor actively searched for any himself. Low didn't have the greatest resume when he sent in his application for the job with the league, but you could say the timing was right for Low to make the big jump.


Low enters the VHLM after managing two different VHLM clubs over the course of nine different VHLM seasons. First time around with the Bern Royals for four seasons, Low was a first time General Manager and make a boat load of mistakes in trying to appease the bare roster with a Cinderella run. Low took his talents to the league office shortly after stepping down from his VHLM GM job and didn't really look to getting back into the game until a necessity for a GM in Brampton after their management left town suddenly. Low stepped into a Brampton team in Season Forty-Nine that was championship ready, but a till timed pre planned vacation led to Low being absent for the playoffs where the Blades were eliminated early. Low was said to take the loss extremely personal, which led to him putting in countless hours in advance of Season Fifty to ensure the team wasn't let down by their leader again. The preparation was not in vain as the Blades would go on to capture the Founders Cup that season and in tern brought Low his first championship as a member of a franchises front office.

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Low in his time with Bern


Fast forward to Season Fifty-Three and the beginning of the week when recently announced new Riga Reign GM Benjamin Zeptenbergs, let it slip to the public that Davos was without a GM after Vladamir Komarov was stepping down come seasons' end. Low approached the league about the opening and next thing you know Low was announced as the incoming GM for the Switzerland club. Davos has an amazing first thirty-eight years of existence winning eight Continental Cups during that time, but recently the team has been in a cup drought that will reach fifteen seasons at the conclusion of Season Fifty-Three. Knowing that Low understands the pressure and urgency that fans and ownership are placing on his by handing his the reigns of the purple and black club. Early reaction from around the league seems positive currently, but only time will tell if that feeling will continue in the near future.


:vhl:For Trombone:vhl:

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