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Ravenwing Builds Off of Timely Goalscoring Early in Playoffs

der meister

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Through 72 games, New York Americans' center Essian Ravenwing notched 30 goals. In an offensively-charged league such as the VHL, that mark is not particularly impressive. Of those 30 goals, however, 10 of them were game winners, or 33 percent. Among the other league leaders in game-winning goals:


Max Von Hohenzollern - 13 GWG on 67 total  - 19.4%
Bogdan Podarok - 11 GWG on 51 total - 21.5%
Theo Axelsson - 11 GWG on 45 total - 24.5%
Zach Parechkin - 10 GWG on 51 total - 19.6%
Tom Lincoln - 10 GWG on 52 total - 19.2%
AK47 - 10 GWG on 73 total - 13.7%


Ravenwing's percentage is even higher if you include last season's totals. Combined, over 40% of his goals have been game winners. This trend has continued so far in the admittedly early stages of the playoffs, with 2 of the Welshman's 3 goals sealing the deal for the Americans.

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