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Claimed: VHFL Winning Roster Fun Facts


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VHFL Winning Roster Fun Facts

I'm probably one of the biggest fans of the VHFL, and of course I have ran the fantasy game for the majority of it's existence. I'm also a fan of random trivia and interesting (read: meaningless) statistics. These two things go hand in hand, and I'm sure I could write about the VHFL every week if I really wanted to, but I don't want to. This week, though, I will; specifically, I'll be taking a look at the nine winning rosters for some stats that I feel are worth mentioning. Enjoy!


0 for 9

There were fifteen players who were selected in every group. Of these players, 11 appeared on a winning roster (including Theo Axelsson, who, at six, was on the most winning rosters); the four who did not were Pietro Maximoff, Tom Lincoln, Bogdan Podarok, and Bobby Digital. Looking at the scoring, it makes sense that Lincoln, Podarok, and Digital would be on this list. They were all drafted relatively high but were not among the top fantasy scorers. Maximoff is a bit of a surprise, but even he ranked just 18th in scoring. On the flip side...


Perfect Records

There were two players who were on the winning roster in every group in which they were drafted: Asher Donovan and Alexander Thrower. Making this a little less interesting is the fact that they were each only drafted in one group, Donovan by Lunaro in Group B and Thrower by Jardy in Group C. By my calculations, Donovan had the lowest average draft position, but finished 8th in scoring. Thrower was just ahead in ADP (second lowest) and just behind in scoring (9th) as one of the Cologne forwards who had a very successful fantasy year. Speaking of the Express...


Cologne Forwards

To win in the VHFL this year, it seems a requirement was to have one of AK47 or Joel Jarvi on your roster. They finished first and third, respectively, in terms of fantasy points, and seven of the winning teams capitalized on their success (STZ and Velevra did not need their help). There was no team that had both of them, though Jardy did have Jarvi along with Thrower (they were his last two picks, in fact). Interestingly enough, however, none of five teams who picked Cologne's Max von Hohenzollern, who was the fourth highest scoring player, ended up winning. But getting back to Velevra...


Nothing in Common

There were three other winners with whom Velevra shared no players. Among the winners, this was the highest number of rosters with which one had nothing in common. Overall, though, Velevra's roster was not the most unique among winners, he just happened to share more in common with the other five. The three others that Velevra had no commonalities with: ADwyer, Jardy, and Lunaro. ADwyer and Jardy also had no matching players with STZ. I have no transition to the bit of info.


Four Pair

There were only two pairs of players that stayed together on more than two winning rosters. The most common was Theo Axelsson and Fabio Jokinen, a pairing that was selected by four members: sterling, RomanesEuntDomus, Ahma, and Velevra. Every winning team that had Jokinen also had Axelsson; there were two other teams overall that had this pairing, both of whom finished second in their respective group. The other (relatively) frequent pair of players to appear on winning rosters was Axelsson and Diana Maxwell, a duo seen on the rosters of Streetlite, STZ, and Velevra.

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