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Express up 3-1 in series against Helsinki


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Are these Cologne forwards that good or is Helsinki just that bad? Theoretically, this should've been a pretty easy series for Helsinki, but I suppose the advantage that Cologne has in net is too much. Even still, I would expect Theo Axelsson, Black Velvet, and William Covington to be able to make things easy enough for Astrid Moon that even he couldn't fuck up the series, but apparently not. Apparently AK47, Max von Hohenzollen, and Alexander Thrower are just too good.


Astrid Moon currently has a save percentage of 0.861 in four games. He has allowed 14 goals over the three and a half games that he has played. Ilya Kopralkov, meanwhile, has a 0.943 save percentage as he quests for a third straight Continental Cup. The real story in Cologne, though, is AK47. He led the VHL in goals during the regular season with 73 and was second in points at 143. In four playoff games he has scored eight goals.


If the Express do manage to close out the series against the Titans, will they stand a shot against the Vikings? Well, Cologne split their season series with Stockholm, so that shows they could potentially put up a fight. It is worth mentioning that Cologne actually won the season series 5-3 against Helsinki. However, the Express played much of the regular season with Joel Jarvi on the roster; with him gone, you wouldn't expect them to be wining games like they are, but they are doing it anyway.



for mist4ke

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7 minutes ago, Higgins said:

If I had to choose 100 times I would choose Astrid Moon over Ilya Kopralkov every single time. What he brings to the team as both the goalie and in the locker room is better.

In S53? No. If you swap Moon and Kopralkov, Helsinki has this series won already.

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17 minutes ago, Higgins said:


I would rather lose with Moon than win with Kopralkov. I still think we will win anyways.

1. Dump Moon

2. Acquire Holik

3. Profit

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