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Is where you find Quebec´s dream about winning the cup. Does that mean it´s something that will never happen or something that could happen sooner than we think?  I think I speak for the whole Canada and virtual hockey world when I say that Quebec is a great place and the people of Quebec deserve to win the cup.  Playing in Quebec is a dream of pretty much every single virtual hockey player, it´s the hockey mecca after all. 


At the moment Quebec is playing against the strong New York Americans, games have been tight, one goal games, but still New York has managed to find a way to score one more goal than Quebec in three of the games. New York is leading 3-1 and they are really close in going through to the next round.


New York has a great team with multiple players who can score and make things happen, but there is still one player who seems to enjoy hurting Quebec more than the others, Essian Ravenwing has 3+2 in four games so far, best total from the Americans. Hard to say what has been the secret behind Essians solid start to the playoffs, maybe he just does not like Quebec and wants to score as many goals as possible against us? 




Either way, Quebec cant focus purely on shutting down Ravenwing in the next game, that is simply just not going to work with the Americans. If Quebec puts extra effort in shutting down one or two players, someone else is going to step up and burn them. It´s exhausting task to stay focused 100% of the time for full 60 minutes. Takes a excellent team that can do that and I´m afraid to admit it, but Quebec might not be there just yet, they are getting better every week, but going for the cup might be too much for their young team this season.


No need to worry though, I´m sure Quebec will go in hard on the game five and make sure New York will have to do full days of work if they want to beat the brave Quebecians, if they can win game five, the momentum will slowly, but steadily turn towards Quebec. New York has all the pressure to end the series, only thing Quebec needs to do now is to win.They don´t have to worry about anything else, sometimes that is good for teams, play as well as you can and see where that takes you, but then sometimes making a early mistake in crucial game can crush some teams and their hopes, resulting in nasty loss and end to the season.


Game five will be played on New York Americans home arena, so it wont be easy task for Quebec, but with bit of luck, I think they can do it and force the series to game six! 

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