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Brampton Needs to Regroup


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It wasn't pretty. The first two games against the Yukon Rush in the VHLM Semi Finals were rough for the Brampton Blades. What is most notable is that the club has failed to score at all. Losing 2-0 and 1-0 in the two contests. The saving grace may be that despite scoring nothing and attempting a paltry number of shots on net; with 9 in game one and 11 in game two; the games were still close. That is of course thanks to the excellent play of star netminder Markus King, who did everything he could to try and steal a win in the first two games of this series. Looking even deeper into the shot totals, the per period numbers don't look great. The Blades only managed more than 5 shots in one single period, the first of game two when they managed what would be considered an average 7 shots. Even then they only managed 5 shots in one other period, the 2nd of game 1. Otherwise your looking at a 3 shot period, two 2 shot periods and a 1 shot period. Four periods where you shoot the puck 3 times or less is not going to achieve anything in the playoffs. 


It wasn't just the poor in game shot totals, it was the overall lack of consistent offensive flow that really hampered the play of the Blades. They just couldn't get anything going, and it wasn't just good defense by the opposition. Speaking with the media following the losses Verner spoke up. 



I mean target me as much as anyone else. We need offense, I'm out there not just to get goals or points but to get offensive chances. To take the pressure of our D. We barely had the puck to shoot it in both games. I mean Yukon had what like 7 shot blocks in both games? Combine that with our low shot numbers, we just couldn't get going. The blue line pressure was tough. But it's only the beginning of the series. We know it was bad. The bump in competition from the first round to here was a bit of a wake up for us. We have a strong group, we know what needs to be done, and when we come back here to Yukon this series is going to be tied! 


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