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Half hearted suggestion for 1 tpe

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what if we were to get rid of the European Conference and move to a North American based league. As we have seen for oh I don't know 4 or 5 maybe even 6 seasons the European Conference has been really weak in terms of strength compared to the NA Conference. Has the novelty of the Euro worn off? However it may have just been a weird anomaly in the history of the VHL as now it seems the Euro is on the rise but then that would mean the NA Conference would be really weak :P so maybe lets get rid of the NA Conference and move to EURO :P 

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17 minutes ago, TheLastOlympian07 said:

thats the joke denise. god get with the program. 


somewhere in the awards ceremonies there were a few which listed the Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy as the Bommchenko Trophy so yea. screw you, you noob.



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