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Carry-over suggestion


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If you have a player in the VHL and then you create a second player once you retire your first player I believe we should make it so that the carry-over from the first player should either be applicable to your second player or to the new player you make. I really dont see a problem with it, the member has earned that carry-over tpe and lets say they dont want to have two players in the league anymore so should that tpe go to waste? I dont think so. 


For example, take me as a prime example. I really wasnt interested in making a second player until I became GM of Calgary. I am on welfare with Lincoln and am doing PTs with Pablo. Lincoln is set to retire sometime next season and I have no interest in having two players that are young that I am going to have to build and put tones of time/effort into so rather than do that I think it be a good option for me to just throw the carry-over from Lincoln into Pablo. If I would have waited I would have got that TPE anyways from Lincoln so I dont see it being a bid deal. You can even subtract the 30tpe that I got from the beginning and still give the rest out. 


I feel like this just makes the league just a little more creative and gives more options to members.

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I mean not wanting to create a 2nd player to build up and potentially draft for your team as you GM is strange in itself and does show a little lack of interest, but thats another point altogether.


This would somewhat eliminate regression though for your 2nd player as if you straight added the carry-over mid-way --> the end of a career you'd be extending your other players career. I feel it would be a step backwards.

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