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Which VHL Member Doesn't Want You To Know His True Identity?


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As anyone who has visited the suggestions/complaints forum over this past week or so, you will notice that there has been a spike in activity in that area thanks to the promised award of one extra lottery ticket in the new monthly lottery. While some of these suggestions have sparked some good honest discussion about what these suggestions can help bring to the league, there is one thread that stands out from all the rest. 





New VHL Member Scooter posted a topic with several suggestions as to how to improve both the VHL and the VHLM, however the discussion of the topic turned out to focus on another matter entirely. As it turns out, there is a member in this league going under a completely different name in an effort to deceive you into believing he is a newer member, but is in fact a returning member with a somewhat controversial background. 





But fuck all that, @Salt is actually YEAH! I know right?!

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Sorry for reporting you few times. Had to do it when I saw someone logging in and using Yeah!´s player and updating it for him. Hate to admit it, but the want to report came from a place of hate. Nobody logs in and updates my player, so I sent few reports hoping Yeah! would have to come back and do his own updates. <_<

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21 hours ago, Devise said:

We should all determine if there has legit been multis before and if so who are they. Any former multi people ready to come out of the closet?

My multi is VHLSexCenter

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