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VHL.com Article Format Change


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Here is my kick at the can for a suggestion. A little while ago, there was an article suggesting incremental payments for media spots (e.g. 450 words = 6 TPE, 350 word = 5 TPE etc.). 


If this does happen, I assume it would make the current VHL.com articles redundant. Thus my suggestion would be to turn VHL.com articles into weekly league related discussion topics where you are prompted on the topic(s). 


For example during draft week, you need to make a post in the topic about the draft (perhaps provide a simple mock, or talk about who could be a sleeper pick). During the middle of the season the topic could prompt for members to do a midseason ranking or talk about who/what has been the biggest surprise thus far this season (i.e. Apollo Skye actually being decent this season).


As long as members make one post adding to the discussion and is content worthy (100 words?)  they receive 1 TPE for the week. 


Thoughts? Like it? Hate it? Either way I'll take my 1 TPE and hit the road!






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