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Aye, second suggestion for free !


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if free means 10 tpe !


but, yeah, no, honestly, during my gym time, I've been looking through some girl asses and it made me think about career objectives


yes, you heard it, asses made be think about the vhl


so yes, every created player would get a basic "checklist" that would be some sort of career milestone to acheive during their career. It would be about everything really. To one game achievements to career achievement and even misc challenges like "play for your home town team" or get traded during the off season. shits like that. It would be a great way to look back at some career and see what they achieve, and  would make great media spots imo


SO here's some example I could think of.


Career Achievements.

Get x goals during a season

Get x assists during a season

Get x goals in your career (etc)

Get x pts/goals/assists with the same team

Win the cup twice with the same team

Win the cup in 2 different conferences

Get 400 hits in a season




Game achievement

Get 5 pts in a game

Get the 1st star 3 games in a row

Get ejected with less then 5 minutes played

Gordie Howe Hat trick

Score a PP goal and a PK goal in the same game

Get +5 in a game



Misc achievement

Get drafted by your national team (sweden = stockholm) (USA means NY or SEA, obviously)

Never test free agency

Win the world cup twice

Be team captain for 6+ sesons

Be named on the all star team at least 5 times

Sign a contract over your TPE salary bracket

be a dick (already unlocked for me, amirite)

etc etc


I guess we could be creative with that and it would help/encourage people to follow their player performance a bit more.


we could, of course, win some tpe for every achievement  



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Hmm, it's a little novel but if the actually milestones for each achievement were meaningful enough and balanced so that it isn't just us rewarding the best players already, then I think it could probably work. The TPE reward for each achievement probably can't me more than a TPE or 2, depending of course on the achievement.

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