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Claimed: Beketov’s Official Season 54 Mock Draft


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What in the World is this, a Media Spot written in place of the CoDCast? Well there’s bonus TPE on the line and I can’t play CoD while trying to look up all this information. So, in lieu of a CoDCast, you all get to read my terrible writing instead!


Beketov’s Official Season 54 Mock Draft


:tor: First Overall: Torstein Ironside :tor:




Toronto Needs a lot of pieces in order to be competitive; not the least of which is a goalie. While TOR G tried to hold down the fort he ultimately won’t be able to do so very long. Markus King would be the obvious choice for a franchise goalie but GM’s don’t like to take risks on their goalies so I expect DaaD will go with an agency he can trust: his own. This should solidify the Legion in net for the foreseeable future and start their rebuild off on the right foot.


:dav: Second Overall: Fook Yu :dav:




You don’t ignore a tfong agency player when you have a shot at him; especially if you’re a team like Davos that already has a goalie solidified and doesn’t need to take a player with higher TPE. Fook Yu is the best forward available in the draft, simple as that. Davos needs some help up front and he seems like the most logical person to give them that extra push.


:hel: Third Overall: Markus King :hel:




Kendrick has the highest TPE of any draftee in the S54 class and a respectable list of past players to his name. He’ll always provide top notch players and just the right amount of TPE whoring; there’s no better choice. One could argue that Helsinki already has a starting goalie in Astrid Moon and that is true; however I don’t see that relationship lasting. If Helsinki wants to compete they are going to want to pickup a better goalie. I see them either trading Moon for one or simply going with King right off the bat. He’s younger and will undoubtedly pass Moon in TPE; without the worry of early retirement. It may seem like an odd choice but I don’t see Helsinki passing it up.


:rig: Fourth Overall: Shawn Gretzky :rig:




Muller proved that Olympian may be part of the old guard but he still knows how to make strong players: Gretzky is no exception to that. He has a strong base of TPE for a draftee and a very trusted agency backing his name. Riga needs a lot of help to become contenders again and in the VHL that means starting from the forwards. Gretzky should fit in nicely as a top line centre moving forward with the organization and a nice piece to build a team around.


:que: Fifth Overall: Hudson Abbott :que:




The agency behind Hudson Abbott has somewhat of a shaky history with the VHL but, then again, so does Quebec. He may not be the top TPE earning defensemen right now but Abbott’s work ethic is second to none if you can keep his focus. Quebec will want to solidify on the blue-line through the draft and will pick up Abbott in order to do that.


:sto: Sixth Overall: Aleksei Federov :sto:




Federov’s agency has some rocky history with a few members of the Vikings but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a strong defensive presence and would be an asset to any potential draft location. The Vikings offence is strong but their defence is losing some core members to retirement so Federov could be a perfect fit as a second line defenseman and future star for the team. In most other drafts I would expect him to go earlier but there are a few good options on the board so Federov drops a bit.


:hel: Seventh Overall: Takashi Fujimoto :hel:





The HFD agency is new to the VHL  but it has slowly been proving itself with Fujimoto. With their potential goalie troubles sorted out I see Helsinki continuing to bolster their forwards and bringing in a strong first-gen winger could help them out. It’s a bit of a gamble and not the highest TPE player available to them but the gamble could pay off big time. With veterens in the locker room to guide him HFD could become a particularly strong member and a great steal at 7th.


:que: Eighth Overall: Rudolph Schmeckeldorf :que:




Another returning agency going to Quebec? Didn’t intend to do that but can’t see Quebec passing up Schmeckeldorf if he’s still on the board. They got a defensive boost already in the draft and are set in net with Skye so there’s no reason to not go offensive with this pick and grab a great member in the process. When Corco is active he’s a great member to have and so far everything points to great activity from him this time around.


:nya: Ninth Overall: Vernon Von Axelberry :nya:




Chances are NY will trade away this pick honestly, they don’t need much from the draft at this point. However assuming they keep it, and assuming he can’t draft his own player, I would expect Devise to pick up Axelberry here since he’s still available and trade him off to another team. Devise doesn’t tend to care about building from the net out so that would likely be the plan at least. I also can’t see Robbie being too interested in having a backup job. Either way, Axelberry’s a solid choice and potentially good trade fodder.


:cal: Tenth Overall: Verner Reinholdt :cal:




For Devise to fall to the last spot in the first round is frankly amazing but that’s where I’m predicting him and that’s where Calgary can get a great steal of a player. Calgary is still in rebuild phase but they could break out soon and getting Devise would certainly help the cause.


*For Holik

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Damn taking after his boyfriend. You two are adorable. Maybe my man Chet Manley should have started for Seattle. Could have led them to a better record and more playoff wins. Also again, it would be funny to watch Kendrick's second player rot on the bench. The team doesn't want to downgrade at goalie, so yeah there is that.

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  • Commissioner

You seem to really enjoy trash talking

without the ability to take it or the skills to prove us wrong. 


Straight fact is that even TOR G had similar stats to you and I demolished you in every category. So try getting on my level before you talk shit.


As for this, I'm just having some fun. If you're so confident in yourself than I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

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30 minutes ago, Da Trifecta said:

Damn taking after his boyfriend. You two are adorable. Maybe my man Chet Manley should have started for Seattle. Could have led them to a better record and more playoff wins. Also again, it would be funny to watch Kendrick's second player rot on the bench. The team doesn't want to downgrade at goalie, so yeah there is that.

Keep talking, with no resume.

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