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VHL Mock Draft


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Round One
:tor: TORONTO LEGIONTorstein Ironside - Toronto gets their franchise goalie as well as their GM player. Ironside has been very sound in the VHLM so far this season and projects to be a Shaw candidate for most of his career.

2. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: Fook Yu - Davos GM Smarch may flirt with selecting one of the premier high-TPE defensemen available in the draft, but the allure of the well-respected fong proves to be too much to ignore. Yu has the most TPE of any forward in the draft and should prove to be a franchise center for the rebuilding Dynamo.
3. :hel: HELSINKI TITANSAleksei Fedorov - Helsinki has a lot of options at this pick, but I think they take the two-way defender Aleskei Fedorov here. He is represented by a pretty successful player agency and I think he would be a pretty successful addition to the core of the Titans.
4. :rig:RIGA REIGNMarkus King - Despite already carrying two goalies on their roster, I think if you're Riga you simply can't pass up picking King here. Him dropping to 4th overall itself is already a pretty surprising fact. King is already better than their current backup, Joanna Akerfeldt, and he is already at 1/3rd the level of their current starter, Dmitri Dadonov, and I think it would only be a take around two seasons for King to surpass Dadonov in terms of skill level.
5. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTEHudson Abbott - Abbott is the best defender available after Fedorov, and he would fit well into the Meute's system, as they only have one defender on their current roster. Abbott has good potential to be an anchor on their back-end for a long time
6. :sto: STOCKHOLM VIKINGSShawn Gretzky - At this point I believe that the Vikings will go with the best player available, which happens to be centerman Shawn Gretzky. Gretzky definitely has first-line potential, and he would instantly be the best prospect in the Stockholm system, although he would almost definitely be playing in the VHL next year due to his high skill-set.
7. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Rudolph Schmeckeldorf - Helsinki continues their trend of drafting the best player available, and with this pick they add the playmaking Swiss winger Schmeckeldorf, whose talent ranking is right around where this pick will be.
8. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTETakashi Fujimoto - Quebec is lucky to have this first-gen fall right into their laps at 8th overall. Fujimoto shows great promise for a first-time member, and reminds us perhaps of another member who I predicted to go 2nd overall. Fujimoto should project into a first-line forward in the near future.
9. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANSVernon Von Axelberry - I think the Americans snatch up Axelberry with their selection here as possible future trade bait. Axelberry has a high amount of TPE for a late first round pick so he shouldn't fall any farther here.
10. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Verner Reinholdt - Calgary gleefully snatches up Devise here, and make out like bandits getting a player of his agency to their current franchise situation. Reinholdt may possibly want to leave the Wranglers after his rookie contract is up however, as he wishes to play for teams his agent has not been affiliated with.




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