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A Mock Draft to Mock!


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S54 features a very healthy first round, but with so many questions and not enough answers is it going to be the silliest draft of all time in terms of where players go? I certainly think so!

1. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: Fook Yu


Say what? Toronto doesn't draft their own goalie? But how and why? Because offense wins championships, and people forget that Toronto has plenty of time to get a goalie with plenty of options available. A player the caliber of Fook Yu doesn't come around often, and he plays at the most important forward position to boot. Watch out for the sneaky Toronto GM to become the first member who when creating his second player, creates another goalie as well and takes advantage of his ability to create a new player as a GM player. Fook Yu will compliment future Toronto netminder Lars Wingate. 


2. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: Markus King


Smarch and Kendrick together is a match made in heaven. Kendrick has normally had a lot of bad times with Davos, but the attraction of newly established and more well respected GM is going to turn this separation back into another happy marriage. And listen, I know what your saying right now, how, why. But I'm telling you @Smarch doesn't make Mist4kes. 


3. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Verner Reinholdt


Helsinki makes the stunner of stunner moves and decides to draft a player with a little less TPE by draft time than others. But hey THATS ME! Go Titans! The conspiracy seeds for this move have been planted heavily across the boards for ages now. When the most despised GM of the VHL steps up to bat to draft in Season 54 expect shock, awe, and fireworks. 

4. :rig:RIGA REIGN: Torstein Ironside


This one is as obvious of a draft choice as it gets. The Project Two era of the VHL is all about hedging your bets for a championship among your players. With Lars Wingate set to take over in Toronto and the NA conference covered Torstein heads to Riga to become the goalie for them for an entire eight season career. Hedgehog and Dollar are two new GM's to the scene, and two members who have ran into each other a lot and won together. Look for that to continue from Season 54 and beyond. 

5. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: Verner Von Axelberry


Quebec continues to break new trends as it relates to team management. Complimenting the one two punch of Skye and Threeencarnacion in net will be Verner. In several seasons time, Frank is going to hold the best goalies in the league hostage and when he finally trades some of them him away he will instantly win multiple championships. #FrankKnew

6. :sto: STOCKHOLM VIKINGS: Rudolf Smcheklerdorf (Or something it's a complicated name)


Stockholm obviously takes Corco. Corco's avatar used to be a three headed paint job of Chris, Kyle and myself. Is it really that crazy to say that the man could never get it done with Vasteras as GM finally gets his redemption under this new franchise? 


7. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Aleksei Federov


Considering at this point Helsinki will have everything they need, adding one more defender to eventually replace Velvet completes their supremely over powered roster. Bana also sends most of Seattle to Helsinki via unbalanced trades next season. Fuck the salary cap. 


8. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: Takahashi Fujimoto


Stunned by the fact that there is no more quality goalies available, Frank panics and instantly drafts the first japanese name he see's. Fujimoto goes on to be the biggest star in Quebec history, and the most prominent forward the organization has ever known. Frank receives more credit for the accidental success than he deserves, but he doesn't care. 



9. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: Shawn Gretzky


After much drama in the draft talk thread, TheLastOlympian is thankfully not selected last in the first round as he joins an established Americans roster. NY GM Devise stays stunned that a guy with the last name Gretzky somehow falls this far, but ultimately it is determined that the rest of the league fears that due to the nature of how good Wayne was, that no Gretzky will ever be good again. #GretzkyCurse Shawn immediately proves all the doubters wrong and wins rookie of the year with a 90+ point first season with New York. 

10. :col:  Cologne Express: Hudson Abbot


Calgary ends up trading this pick, as well as 2 other 1sts for Max Von "Crazy Stats" over in Cologne. The Wranglers GM becomes obsessed with the ungodly point totals of one of the young Cologne group and Gregreg takes advantage by getting what he thinks is a steal of a deal. Sadly Abbot goes inactive, and for some unknown reason Max continues his godly stats push despite his TPE totals, although Calgary never actually competes despite this, as the majority of their players get great stats in losing efforts. 



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