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Claimed: Incredibly Boring Mock Draft - Lottery Picks


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Velevra's Boring Mock Draft - Lottery Picks


Well there is extra TPE for a mock draft so here is my take on how I see the lottery picks going. Below I give my obvious mock draft as well as my bizzaro mock draft with reasons why!



Realistic Draft

1.      Torstein Ironside

2.      Fook Yu

3.      Aleksei Federov

4.      Shawn Gretzky


Bizzaro Draft

1.      Markus King

2.      Aleksei Federov

3.      Takashi Fujimoto

4.      Torstein Ironside


1.     :tor: TORONTO LEGION :tor::

The Obvious Pick: Torstein Ironside; Dollar and a Dream takes his own player and starts off the Toronto Rebuild with his own two players leading the charge! He is able to control the Legion’s future and it thrives or fails thanks to him.


The Surprise Pick: Markus King; The other top goalie on the board. Just like Ironside, King is a surefire star. Dollar and a Dream doesn’t now need to GM, and Train two players to the max TPE possible which can be tough. Instead he leaves the goaltending to King and focuses more on creating a star skater.


2.     :dav:HC DAVOS DYNAMO :dav::

The Obvious Pick: Fook Yu; The Dynamo take the top ranked forward off the board. They get a solid center to build around to add to their elite goalie. They Dynamo have a long way to go, but a reliable player is a great start


The Surprise Pick: Aleksei Federov; Instead of a forward the Dynamo go for a defenseman! If they have concerns that Yu might slow down in TPE gain and that they may be able to grab solid forwards in future drafts, an active member who is also a GM would be a fine pick!

3. :hel:HELSINKI TITANS :hel::

The Obvious Pick: Aleksei Federov; The Titans are lacking a good young defenseman. They have some great young forwards and an upcoming young goalie so Federov fills a need for now and in the future.


The Surprise Pick: Takashi Fujimoto; Crazy right? Well maybe not, Fujimoto is the top non-recreate player available and he is earning TPE at a great rate. While other second players and recreates may slow down after the draft, Fujimoto is a bright new face to the league and is eager to make his mark.

4. :rig:RIGA REIGN :rig::
The Obvious Pick: Shawn Gretzky; Gretzky’s last player had quite the history in Riga and it would definitely make sense for him to return to Riga to help kickstart their rebuild! Gretzky is a center who will provide a great foundation to build around going forward.


The Surprise Pick: Markus King or Torstein Ironside?; As mentioned earlier, King is probably the top prospect in the draft. However, the teams ahead of Riga don’t need a goalie or might opt for Ironside due to GM reasons. King has also stated he would like to not play in Riga. King no doubt has value though, could Riga take the best player available and look to trade him down the road for a King’s ransom? If King is taken first according to my bizzaro draft, then perhaps Ironside goes here instead.



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