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my research plan


I don't have any massive data find that's ready for public reveal (ie it's a very rough looking spreadsheet; but maybe some day I'll organize it and tidy it up for you guys to look up anything you want on your own), but I do have data for me to look things up. So I'll go ahead and find some specific data relevant to the current playoff series.


(Keep in mind although I do also have VHLM playoff series data, I'm strictly using the VHL data for the figures in this article)


The data goes from S18 to S52. There have been a total of 149 playoff series in that time (3 per season from S18 to S30; 5 per season from S31 to S52).


Data relevant to current NYA vs SEA series

From S18 to S52, there were just TWO series that began as WWWLL: the S29 Finals (Toronto vs Davos)  and S31 Semi-Finals (Davos vs Riga). In both of these series, the series ended on Game 6. However, unlike the current series, the winning team (Toronto in S29 and Davos in S31) was the away team.


If Seattle wins Game 6, regardless of who wins Game 7, we will be seeing a playoff series pattern that we did not see a single time from S18 to S52.


Taking a step back, I also want to look at how often a team has lost a series after starting WW. From S18 to S52, 74 series began with one of the teams winning the first two games. The team down 0-2 has come back to win nine times (12.2%).


Data relevant to current STO vs HSK series

From S18 to S52, there were FOURTEEN series that began as WLWWL. Of those...


-three were ended on Game 6

-five were won on Game 7 by the team leading after five

-six were won on Game 7 by the team trailing after five


There have been more examples of this pattern, and it's actually a fairly even split. It's only an eight to six advantage for the team leading after G5. The past also indicates that there is a pretty good chance that the series goes to seven games.



If you have any specific data you want me to check on regarding playoff patterns, go ahead and ask.

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