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POLL: Who should Toronto draft? Dollar's pick?


Who should Toronto draft?  

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The draft is coming soon and some of members are already excited. This draft should be unpredictable, at least what these people are saying. 28AMc6zhXj2MbMAAAAASUVORK5CYII=



There are predictbale picks as well, like Fook Yu to Davos, Torstein Irondise to Tor...or not? Perhaps I spoke too soon - before mock drafts came up I was very sure that @DollarAndADream will pick his goalie. But most of these mocks are telling us the different story. Like, maybe he is goin to take another goalie, Markus King? Or maybe he'll ''rob'' Davos with taking Fook Yu? The more I read all these mock drafts, the more I realized I don't know shit.


So he can take another player and let his goalie to other team and then immediately make his recreate, who will become his GM player. Seems fine, if he's not planning to make his first playoff appearance in S55.


Or he just takes his goalie, because at least he knows the Toronto's future depends only on himself. Seems legit as well.


So the question is - what DAAD should do and what he's actually going to do? It's obvious that he won't trade his first pick for a player or the S55 draft pick (lol), so it's only about drafting a player.



1 TPE goes to Petenis.

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