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Adding 'Seasons Played' to the Career Stats files?


Adding 'Seasons Played' to the Career Stats files?  

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(I don't mean number of seasons played; I mean a column for their rookie season and a column for their final season)


I know @Bushito brought up the idea of sectioning stats, and there have also been brief discussions about starting a new career stats book from some point in VHL history (S31? S50?).


Now, it might not actually be too much work for me to split the career stats book at one point. I mean, it'll be work, but it would be less work than adding the seasons that everyone played in to the spreadsheet instead (however, doing that would allow for a lot more dissection). Personally, I think it would be cool if I could go back and look at stats leaders from players who started their career from S27 to S29, but I'm not sure it's worth my time if other people wouldn't utilize it.


I don't quite know how long it would take me. I'd have to manually search for and input the seasons for every player. Of course, there would be some lost souls from pre-S18 who we couldn't find, but the Hall of Famers careers are documented and I think through problem solving, I could figure out some of the other prominent players as well.


I'd probably (at least when beginning) avoid players who played fewer than four seasons or so. And players who had under certain thresholds in stats simply to save on time. It'd be a 'work in progress' project, but if people would actually appreciate it, I may be up for the task.

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I'm definitely up to help. Since S3 or S4 I've always wanted to create a Wiki-style database for all stats so you can sort and filter and find weird shit like who came back from down 3-1 to win and crap. Definitely down to help.


If we could somehow get the S1-S17 stuff too that would be awesome.

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