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Claimed: To Kill a Mocking Draft


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S54 VHL Mock Draft


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Round One

1. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: G - Torstein Ironside

Analysis: I think this is a no-brainer. The Legion’s GM has the chance to draft his own player, and I believe secure his 2nd player who has yet to be created yet. If that’s the case, it would be stupid to pass up this opportunity. Even if he had to make this his GM player, I’d still do it. I’ve learned from experience that you should have your GM player be a goalie, and right here he’s securing the goalie of his future. To get the opportunity to have two players, and thus more control over your team.. It’s really something you can’t pass up.


2. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: C - Fook Yu

Analysis: Smarch is starting his franchise off on the right foot. This is the safe bet, and the smart play. You get a consistent veteran member, who knows how to build players and consistently updates. You know what you are getting in Fong. He already has a great goalie prospect, as well as his own GM player. Yu is the logical choice both positionally and for the future outlook of the franchise. This makes Davos a way better team, and with Smarch at the reigns, I think it gives credibility to this pick and makes the rest of the Davos roster believe in their future.


3. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: D - Hudson Abbott

Analysis: Helsinki will probably be looking to take a defenseman at this draft spot. It’s between Bushito and Banack, and if I was in a GM position, I would always be looking at a non-second player over a second player. Banack will make a good player, but it’s probably safer to take Bash and not risk having Seattle have leverage on you at all. Not to mention Bushito has proven to be a bigger TPE earner, and has shown some fire in his activity as of recent.


4. :rig:RIGA REIGN: G - Marcus King

Analysis: This is an easy one, and probably the reason why hedgehog wasn’t mad about losing the lottery. Kendrick is a great member, and will build a great goalie. Believe in this player, make him your franchise goalie, and bring a veteran member into your lockerroom. Not only is this a gift at four, but for a rebuilding franchise, to secure an elite goalie AND bring Kendrick in, I think you’re stupid not to do this.


5. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: C - Shawn Gretzky

Analysis: Best player available. I think TLO fits in with Frank’s deaf mutes. Brings a character into the LR and some trash talking into game threads. I love this pick, and will be a great centerpiece for the top line featuring the Gaud himself and Solas’ player. I think after this pick you can consider QC in phase two of the rebuild.


6. :sto: STOCKHOLM VIKINGS: RW - Takashi Fujimoto

Analysis: After losing The Undertaker to retirement, I think this is a good replacement. Stockholm is very young, and bringing in a winger like Fujimoto brings some security to the forward core which is aging. Fujimoto joins Dragonslayer and Finn as the future top line.


7. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: D - Aleksi Fedorov

Analysis: I think after debating between the two defensive picks at three, Helsinki just goes ahead and takes the other. Who knows, maybe they flip this pick to Seattle, and allows Banack to take his own player.


8. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: LW - Rudolph Schmeckledorf

Analysis: Probably the steal of the draft. If Corco falls this far, I think QC will be lucky to have him. I could see him going as high as six. I think people are hesitant to believe this is a full return, but if it is, then QC just landed a huge player.


9. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: RW - Verner Reinholdt

Analysis: With no other options, Devise reluctantly brings on a second player to NYA.


10. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: RW - Slava Aleksei

Analysis: brovy will probably look at Tyler or Kyle as a gamble with the last pick in the first round.. I think he takes Tyler - better history of TPE earning (recency bias).




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