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Points, Goals, Assists in a Season: S31-present


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Points in a Season


Player Name Team Season Points
1 Joel Jarvi Cologne S53 162
2 Michal Wozniak Calgary S35 154
3 Volodymyr Rybak Calgary S31 147
4 Phil Rafter Davos/Helsinki S32 146
5 Max Molholt Toronto S49 145
T6 Alexander Chershenko Calgary S31 143
T6 AK47 Cologne S53 143
8 Aksel Thomassen Quebec S42 141
9 Pietro Maximoff Riga S52 139
10 Jarvis Baldwin Calgary S33 138
T11 Volodymyr Rybak Calgary S35 137
T11 Bruno Wolf Quebec S42 137
T11 Unassisted New York S52 137
T11 Diana Maxwell New York S53 137
T15 Max von Hohenzollern Cologne S53 136
T15 Aksel Thomassen Quebec S41 136
T17 Ethan Osborne Helsinki S36 135
T17 Thomas O'Malley Cologne S44 135
T17 Aleksi Koponen Calgary S51 135
T17 Unassisted New York S53 135
T21 Alexander Chershenko New York S32 133
T21 Niels Skovsgaard Cologne S52 133
T23 David Smalling Davos S32 132
T23 Aleksi Koponen Quebec S35 132
T25 Chico Salmon Calgary S35 131
T25 Thomas O'Malley Cologne S43 131
T25 Zach Parechkin Toronto S51 131


Goals in a Season

# Player Name Team Season Goals
1 AK47 Cologne S53 73
2 Michal Wozniak Calgary S35 72
3 Pietro Maximoff Riga S52 69
T4 Phil Rafter Davos/Helsinki S32 68
T4 Jarvis Baldwin Calgary S33 68
T6 Bruno Wolf Quebec S42 67
T6 Max von Hohenzollern Cologne S53 67
T8 Alexader Chershenko Calgary S31 66
T8 Volodymr Rybak Calgary S31 66
T10 Ethan Osborne Helsinki S36 65
T10 Odin Tordahl New York S39 65
T10 Niklas Lindberg Riga S40 65
T10 Zach Parechkin Toronto S51 65
T14 David Smalling Davos S32 64
T14 Phil Rafter Davos S33 64
T14 Diana Maxwell New York S53 64
T14 Volodymr Rybak Calgary S35 64
18 Max Molholt Toronto S46 63
T19 Bruno Wolf Quebec S41 62
T19 Joel Jarvi Cologne S53 62
T21 Jarvis Baldwin Vasteras S31 60
T21 Kameron Taylor Cologne S36 60
T21 Freedom McJustice New York S49 60
T21 Aleksi Koponen Calgary S51 60
T25 David Smalling Davos S31 59
T25 Alexander Valiq Quebec S31 59
T25 Thomas O'Malley Cologne S44 59
T25 Max Molholt Toronto S51 59
T25 Tom Lincoln New York S52 59


Assists in a Season

# Player Name Team Season Assists
1 Ryan Sullivan Calgary S31 101
2 Joel Jarvi Cologne S53 100
3 Black Velvet Calgary S51 98
T4 Elijah Incognito Riga S32 96
T4 Clark Marcellin Calgary S35 96
6 Theseus Athera Helsinki S31 95
7 Aksel Thomassen Quebec S41 92
8 Phil Hamilton Cologne S51 91
T9 Aksel Thomassen Quebec S42 89
T9 Max Molholt Toronto S49 89
T11 Emerson Byer Davos S31 88
T11 Clark Marcellin Calgary S33 88
13 Ryan Sullivan New York S34 86
T14 Conner Low New York S40 83
T14 Matt Bentley New York S42 83
T16 Michael Wozniak Calgary S35 82
T16 Sir William Covington Riga S51 82
T18 Volodomyr Ryback Calgary S31 81
T18 Ryan Sullivan New York S33 81
T18 Jody 3 Moons New York S41 81
T18 Matt Bentley New York S41 81
T18 Jake Wylde Quebec S43 81
T18 Jeff Hamilton Riga S51 81
T23 Tom Slaughter New York S41 79
T23 Unassisted New York S53 79
T25 Alexander Chershenko New York S32 78
T25 Phil Rafter Helsinki/Davos S32 78
T25 Nic Riopel Helsinki S32 78
T25 Volodymr Rybak Calgary S33 78
T25 Niklas Valiq Quebec S35 78
T25 Thomas O'Malley Cologne S43 78
T25 Phil Hamilton Cologne S49 78
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