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Claimed: Fock Draft


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Torstein Ironside

Basically @DollarAndADream can draft this player and take his next one for free. This seems like a no brainer to me, he would have two players on the same team that he has full control over. There have been many reasons for him to draft somebody else stated in other mock drafts but I just don't see this happening. I know goaltenders are in abundance right now but they are also important and having control over one as a general manager would be clutch..




Fook Yu

@tfong is the highest TPE player that isn't a goaltender and I would be shocked if Davos didn't snag him here. Fong is easy to get along with and helpful to his teams. Also he has history with Davos so it kind of makes sense unless he wants to pull a Kendrick and only play for teams he has not been a part of in the past.



Hudson Abbott

@Higgins has to be thinking of a Velvet replacement soon. The question is, does he take Abbott the first gen or does he take Federov the rival GM player. Federov and Abbott are close in TPE now with Abbott on a better pace overall. Also Abbott is much more likely to stay around Helsinki long term.

4. :rig:RIGA REIGN:


Markus King

@Kendrick might throw a hissy fit over this pick but if I am running this team it makes sense to pick him here. First off he has to sign with the team for three seasons. Second, that is a long time to convince the guy that you are on the path to winning a cup. Third, if you aren't on the path to a cup you just trade him for a good return. The top player in the draft at pick four is huge for this franchise.



Shawn Gretzky

I think @TheLastOlympian07 will be a great steal at this point and makes the most sense for the team overall. Actually Federov looks to make the most sense but him being a rival GM basically means there is no chance he stays in Quebec long term. Gretzgy goes to Quebec and the fans realize it's not Wayne, Not even Keith, just a sorry relative who has got by on his last name.



Aleksei Federov

Finally @Banackock gets selected and it's a steal of a deal for Stockholm who now only have to convince the man to stay with the club. I feel as though he will actually play here long term though. Stockholm has a good group in their locker room and at least he isn't forced to face his own team in the playoffs unless it's in the finals.


Takashi Fujimoto

@HFD has been a stud so far and a phenominal locker room presence for a first gen here for only a month. Shmeckeldorf and Reinholdt might have more history but I feel like @Higgins will take the young enthusiastic member to mold into a franchise cornerstone.



Rudolph Shmeckeldorf

I feel like @Corco will go here because, well he's the best player left and Quebec won't want anything to do with another rival general manager in @Devise. If Corco continues this pace he will be a star player at eighth overall pick which bodes will for Quebec adding two top shelf guys in this draft.



Verner Reinholdt

@Devise will take his own player which is a great steal to add to his own team this late. Now he can TPE whore his way to a cup with both of his players on the team which is already contending.




Vernon Von Axelberry

I know @BobertZ thinks he will go second round but I don't see Calgary in any position to let him sit past this point or someone will scoop the guy for trade bait in which Calgary would likely give up two firsts for him anyway. Regardless, it was a slice having you on Oslo this season bud and I'm sorry I couldn't find a contender for you to play on or get us further in the playoffs.


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Stop following me around! But seriously this was a good mock, with sigs and all. Good work! Also I wouldn't throw a hissy fit considering I mentioned I wouldn't mind going to Riga.

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