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Claimed: Bestest [YIS] of Mock Draft [1/2]


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Hello friends and enemies.

SInce I'm clearly not a normie, I've decided to join this madness that is the mock draft for that sweet sweet 3 uncapped tpe.

I'm french, so I've changed the rules a little bit, I've taken the current draft order, but changed the player available. We all like a little bit of nostalgia, so I've taken some of the best recent players in each position. The rules were simple, no member can be chosen twice and every position is represented twice, so 2 LW, 2 RW, 2 C, 2D and 2G. I've taken in consideration the player career and the member behind the player to make my choice, and here are the nominees


Lord Karnage @boubabi
Brennan McQueen @Jamie

Thomas O'Malley @Green
Tom Slaughter @sterling

Odin Tordahl @BOOM
Xin Xie Xiao @tfong

Matt Bentley @Victor (rip)
Phil Hamilton @Phil

Hans Wingate @CowboyinAmerica
Tuomas Tukio @Higgins



:tor: 1.1 Toronto Legion @DollarAndADream :tor:




The Toronto Legion is proud to select...Phil Hamilton !


Here's why I think Phil would be the first overall pick. The logical choice would have been Green's player, the best available, Thomas O'Malley, but considering the Legion are starting fresh, they can't afford a player with a chance of losing him after his rookie contract, which is something Green has done in the past. Phil is still a great choice at 1st overall, because he showed that he can be a 1 man team, and he can attract a lot of other members joining the side of the Legion. Lets not forget he finished above 1400 TPE and was a dominant player during his career.


:dav: 1.2 HC Davos Dynamo @Smarch :dav:




With the second overall pick...the Dynamo (and their new GM @Smarch) is proud to select...Tom Slaughter


Will this be O'Malley's turn ? SIKE. Same reason here, Davos is a struggling franchise and needs some stability for the next couple of season. With their new GM in place, @sterling's player was an obvious choice, considering the GM and the player were close members for a long time. They share a hatred for french people (amirite ????), so Lord Karnage's agent wouldn't have been a possibility. Tom Slaughter will obviously be their cornerstone and having sterling in the locker room is obviously a plus. I've had the chance to share the locker room with him during my time in Stockholm, and he's a great guy, obviously. He brings with him a winning tradition that Davos could use.


:hel:1.3 Helsinki Titans @Higgins:hel:




With Calgary's pick, the Titans organisation is proud to select...Thomas O'Malley !


The Titans are in a position to win...now. Therefore, the risk of losing O'Malley after his rookie contract isn't much of a problem. Even though they have Franchise Cornerstone and Robbie's player controlling the center, having arguably the best player of all-time in the lineup isn't much an issue, where the young Cornerstone could play at wing for a moment. Green, in his prime time, was a huge part of the league and would make the Titans a menace for the next 3 seasons for sure.


:rig: 1.4 Riga Reign @hedgehog337:rig:



With the 4th overall pick...the Riga Reign is proud to select the Finnish GK, Tuomas Tukio !

Time to rebuild a franchise euh ? Well, better start in net. The choice was difficult here, because the 2 remaining goalkeeper are obviously great, but the member behind them made the difference, obviously. Even though Cowboy isn't a bad member to have in the team, no one could argue that having a Commish with the experience of Higgins is a plus. Higgins could also help the young GM in his decision and could make Riga great again. 

:que:1.5 Quebec City Meute @Frank :que:


The Quebec City Meute is proud to select, the product from Somalia, Lord Karnage !

The all-time TPE leader is finally chosen by a team. Having an already decent roster for the upcoming season, Quebec could use some offensive power to help the young core that QC already has. Quebec had their best success building through offense, and they could easily reproduce that with Lord Karnage in the line-up. The player's agent is french Canadian, so there's a connection for his player to go play in Quebec City, which is a great city filled with awful people, so again... perfect fit ! Karnage's was a 1 team player for most of his career and is arguably the best pick available at number 5.

:sto:1.6  Stockholm Vikings @Advantage :sto:


The Vikings are proud to select, Matt Bentley !

Matt Bentley silently made his career through efficiency. Victor's player had his best success with the Dynamo, and playing for the rivals wouldn't be much a surprise, considering Victor's past. Victor was the one approaching the board to relocate Vasteras to Stockholm, so a return in Sweden is logical for him. Matt Bentley has been a top pairing defense men for his whole career, and he would join an already good defensive group made of Lee King Snatch and other depth players. Plus, Victor knows how to bring a cup anywhere, AMIRITE ?

:hel:1.7 Helsinki Titans @Higgins :hel:


The Helsinki Titans is proud to select, the powerful forward that is Odin Tordahl !

BOOM and Green in the same team ? What could go wrong ? Nothing really, combining those player, with an already existing Franchise Cornerstone and Black Velvet, this would be the ultimate TPE whoring of all-time...at least with those players. BOOM, during his prime time, was a much enjoyable presence in the LR, and brought team success anywhere he went. My memory would say that he briefly went to Helsinki during his career and it didn't ended well, but maybe a 3 seasons filled with team success could change his mind. Even if it doesn't, he would fill a role in his rookie contract time that would be openly welcomed the team. 

:que:1.8 Quebec City Meute @Frank :que:


With their second 1st round selection, the Meute are proud to select the Chinese, or whatever origin he is, player that is Xin Xie Xiao !

Did I say that offensive wins championship ? Well, with no other defense men available...the Meute are going all in with the offense. Already having Skye in net, the need for a goaltender is nearly 0, so the best player available is definitely fong's player. Don't take this as a consolidation prize, the player the league called "XxX" is a threat for the opponent. Bringing physicality and goal scoring, the winger would perfectly complete a duo of pussies that is Draper's player and Frank's player. Lets not forget solas's player as well. Think about it, there offense would be made of solas, draper, frank, boubabi and tfong. Hallelujah, call the FBI, this team is probably illegal. The team could allow 5 goals in a game, but still score 7...that's the QC way. Ouch

:nya: 1.9 New York Americans @Devise :nya:



The Americans are proud to select, Hans Wingate !

Do you really trust Devise's player in net ? Well, not that he won't have enough TPE, but it's still a Devise's player, so.... better armed yourself. WIngate would make a solid goaltender for the last remaining seasons to compete. Power could embrace his backup role until he can show that he is good enough for the number 1 spot. Am I trash talking the NYA and Devise ? No, they are the in the finals, so props to them. But lets be honest, Having a playoff MVP like WIngate in net, is always welcomed. Even though Cowboy showed success with the Wranglers, he played for another rival that is Toronto and he had great success as well, so playing for another NA team wouldn't be a surprise really. Could devise convince him to stay after his rookie contract ? Well, that's another story. 

 :cal: 1.10 (that doesn't make any sense, I know stfu) Calgary Wranglers @Pablo :cal:


With the final pick of this round, the Wranglers are taking the power forward...Brennan McQueen !

I'll be honest, if @eaglesfan would still be the GM of the team, this pick would make more sense, because eagle would be able to manage the character that is Jamie, but nonetheless, if brovy is able to make Mcqueen as loyal as she was in Riga, he got a great pick. McQueen was obviously a life long captain for the Reigns and showed a dominant 2 way game. There's not much to do in CGY right now, so McQueen would need to be patient a bit, but maybe she could get some Cologne's number the first couple of season to keep her entertained. Nonetheless, McQueen is a top tier player and a great use for anyteam really.


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2 minutes ago, boubabi said:

feel free to argue my picks so I can call u stoopid 


I mean how can anyone argue with this? You pretty much just had to dig up those old sick sigs and this thing was pretty much sold. 

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LeBeau - 8 seasons with 1 franchise, never went to FA

O'Malley - traded after 4 or 5 seasons? Only went to FA in his last season

Maximoff - traded and still no FA


I would think I am a pretty stable factor, nice article though. 


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