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Joint Mock Draft - Streetlite + boubabi


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Alright so I already did a mock draft podcast, but since I have two players, I figured I could go and do another. But just to do things a little bit different with this one, I decided to call in some help from @boubabi so I only had to make half the picks. In this mock draft, I was making the odd numbered picks (conveniently avoiding Davos and New York picks which I may have some inside info on) and boubabi was making the even picks (avoiding the Helsinki picks). So here's how it went down.


1. Toronto Legion - G Torstein Ironside

I have Toronto picking Ironside first overall. The safest bet for is to have his own player, because that's a guaranteed loyal player.


2. HC Davos Dynamo - C Fook Yu

This pick makes sense. Yu has the highest TPE among non-goalies and is no stranger to the organization.


3. Helsinki Titans - C Shawn Gretzky

Similar to the Yu pick, this is the next best non-goalie available, though it's not a huge gap. I'm not sure Higgins wants to press his luck taking either of the defensemen at this point though.


4. Riga Reign - G Marcus King

I was unsure where boubabi would go with this pick, as Kendrick doesn't want to play for Riga. Still, they could potentially find somewhere to trade him for a good value.


5. Quebec City Meute - D Hudson Abbott

I think GMs may be a little weary when it comes to Banackock's Aleksei Federov, and I don't believe Frank will have an issue bringing Bushito onto his team. Quebec could use a defenseman, so they grab one of the two here.


6. Stockholm Vikings - RW Verner Reinholdt

Advantage picks up Devise's player to complete the Pajodcast trio over in Stockholm.


7. Helsinki Titans - D Aleksei Federov

With several promising forwards in the mix, Higgins grabs his potential successor to Black Velvet in Federov, who could be a steal at this point in the draft.


8. Quebec City Meute - RW Takashi Fujimoto

HFD is a promising first gen.


9. Calgary Wranglers - LW Rudolph Schmeckeldorf

Best player available aside from Axelberry, but I don't see Calgary picking a goalie.


10. New York Americans - RW Slava Aleksei

Probably won't become a star, but could be a good depth player down the road.

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for no one this was entirely pointless because the bonus TPE for the other mock draft I did counts for both players and I had forgotten I already wrote VHL.com articles for both my players this week woooooooooooo



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