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S50 since the draft


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Aside from a few players, the S50 draft was not all that great. Asher Donovan was a bust, as was Izidors Balders. Petenis was the biggest steal of the draft, and although his playstyle does not give him the best looking stats, he's still a quality player. Others such as Elijah Dotran, Max von Hohenzollern, and Maksym Barnyashev are good enough to play in the VHL, but will certainly not be good enough to carry a competitive team.


The top three picks, though, are the real stars of the draft, and they've panned out as you'd expect. Maxwell and Axelsson have been neck and neck in TPE throughout their entire careers, with the leader seeming to be whoever has updated more recently. At the time, given his promise, Asher Donovan could theoretically have been the third overall pick, but looking at it now, Essian Ravenwing was definitely the correct move. He and Maxwell have played together during the entirety of their VHL careers, and are currently competing for their second consecutive Continental Cup against.


for no one because I already wrote two VHL.com articles this week lol

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