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Claimed: Extra TPE Mock Draft

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Mock of All Mocks


1st Overall: Toronto Legion


Fook Yu

Toronto could take Fook Yu in the top spot of the draft here, because why not solidify your top centerman spot for the future? Sure, Toronto could take a goalie, but Yu is a bonified top forward ready to make the jump right away. He is the top TPE earning forward in the draft, and after seeing the likes of Max Molholt for his whole career in Toronto, drafting a high talent centerman is never a bad idea.


2nd Overall: HC Davos Dynamo


Aleksei Federov

Davos already has mist4ke in the goaltending position, so they probably do not take one of the big goalie names at 2nd overall. So what else should they do, other than take the next best TPE earning skater? Aleksei Federov is that man, and would be a great up and coming defenseman to play alongside Pavel Komarov.




3rd Overall: Helsinki Titans


Shawn Gretzky

Helsinki already has Astrid Moon, so they might not need another goaltender unless they want one of them to be the backup. So, this brings the next best skater to the name of Shawn Gretzky. Why not cover the bases and solidify the center spot for seasons to come? Helsinki could do just that by adding in Gretzky. They already have Franchise Cornerstone, but that doesn't mean they should shy away from another center stud.


4th Overall: Riga Reign


Markus King

Riga has Dmitry Dadonov in the crease right now, but picking a big name goaltender in this draft would be a good decision for them. The top TPE earner in the draft, Markus King, could be that player. Although I've heard rumblings of agency troubles with Riga, so they could also go with Torstein Ironside. Nothing negative, of course, but the agency could want a fresh look. Maybe I'm just making shit up? Who knows? Markus King would fill the hole in net for the Reign when Dadonov is gone.


5th Overall: Quebec City Meute


Hudson Abbott

Quebec doesn't need a goaltender, so Hudson Abbott is probably the right choice here. With Apollo Skye and Edwin Threencarnacion tag teaming in net for them right now, they likely would stay away from goaltending at this point in the draft. Hudson Abbott would provide a lot of skill for them on defense heading forward.




6th Overall: Stockholm Vikings


Rudolph Schmeckeldorf

With Rhett DeGrath in net for the Vikings, I see them going to the forward position and grabbing left winger Rudolph Schmeckeldorf. You can never have enough offense in the Victory Hockey League, and Schmeck would provide key offense moving into the future. With some aging players on the roster right now, Rudolph could be a go-to guy soon.


7th Overall: Helsinki Titans


Torstein Ironside

At 3rd overall with the Titans picking Gretzky, they may very well grab another goaltender here. Ironside would provide depth in the crease for Astrid Moon. Word has it that Ironside wouldn't mind being on a 1-2 punch goaltending duo, so this could be a good choice for him. Also with a lot of doubters towards the Astrid Moon agency, Torstein Ironside would give Helsinki insurance in the position.


8th Overall: Quebec City Meute


Takahashi Fujimoto

Right winger Takahashi Fujimoto may not fall this far in the draft, but if he does I see Quebec snagging him here. Fujimoto would produce a lot of points for the Meute and make them solid at that position right out of this draft.




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