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Claimed: Komarov still giving back to Davos


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Despite knowing his Days in the city of Davos, Switzerland are likely over. That hasnt stopped him from still doing what his father started. To this day the Komarov family, has donated millions to fund, school projects, hospital needs, and shelters supplies. They are a huge part of the city. Despite knowing Pavel will need a new home next season wont change that. His father will likely stay in Davos where he has chosen to retire, which means their presence will still be in the city. 


Pavel has continued to make appearances at hospitals, old folks homes, hockey tournaments as if it was just another offseason for him. He doesnt seem fazed, atleast not yet. "Untill the trade is made, i will keep being a Dyanamo and a big part of our community", " I get it, the trade i mean im a veteran guy on a rebuilding club i would rather stick it out here till my times done but i likely wont". "That doesnt mean i cant be apart of the community till then i like giving back i always have, i wasnt born here but i grew up here". " I owe this place everything, my father too they took a chance on us they didnt have too". The young Komarov said in an interview. 


Its true, 14 seasons ago Davos drafted a young man from Russia with a dream. Little did they know they would be drafting, one of the most dedicated people to the franchise in a long time. A man who had given everything and more back to the franchise. Its unclear where Pavel will go, the new GM hasnt been very open in the proccess outside of letting him know he is being shopped. Its not really a popular choice by fans of Davos, but its one they likely need to make to aquire assets now for the future. 


A questions has been raised now though, for the first time in 14 seasons a Komarov has not stepped foot on the ice. As GM Komarov knew he couldnt retire his own number sending it to the rafter like many of the Davos greats. Will it be now? seems like the logical choice, after all Komarov is the record holder in a few catergories. Maybe it will be a move to calm the heat after Pavel is traded elsewhere in hopes to win a cup. The son of Vlad, has already done everything he can to ease the heat on new GM Connor Low. It might be easier if it was something he wanted, however this is not the case that wont change him trying to help his new GM. " Its never easy to trade a franchise face, its not like he wouldnt keep me if it made sense but it doesnt". "If i win a cup before i retire it will 100% be coming back to Davos".

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