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Nicest city to play in?


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I will now try to rank teams and more importantly, the cities they play in from bad to good. I will start from the worst and end the ranking with the best city to play and live in. This is mostly to the younger players down in VHLM who have not perhaps visited some of the cities in VHL and are wondering what the future might bring?


Bad: Calgary, New York, Seattle, Toronto, Cologne, Davos,Helsinki, Riga and Stockholm


Not sure what it is, but if you spend more than three hours in any of these places, you will start to feel weird. Could be something in the water or air, but whenever possible, try to avoid eating, drinking and breathing when outside.


Good: Quebec


That says it all really. Right away when I started my career in Saskatoon, people came up to me and instructed me to do whatever it takes to get drafted by Quebec. Not sure if the things I did actually worked, but hey, I got drafted by Quebec! Even today I hear a lot from the people who live and have lived in Saskatoon that I´m really lucky to live here. I cant blame them, this place is heaven. 




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