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So I had this idea to possibly write a MS or just do some research for fun, and I was motivated enough to sit down for a hour or so and make this. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what I'm working on and is still superficial, but whatever I have here is in publishable format for now. Just posting it here in case anyone finds it interesting or the other stat/research guys would find it helpful.


Oh, and I was thinking of doing some statistic adjustment over the eras to account for the high-scoring and low-scoring eras, for example to see how impressive Joel Jarvi's 162 point season was compared to the leading scorers in other eras. :cheers:


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So I just spent another hour or two and have finished a non-yet-final-but-almost-finished edition of translating stats to different eras.


For example, Joel Jarvi, having scored 62 goals and 100 assists this season, would have had 94 goals and 159 assists for 253 points in S20.


Edit: The top scorers in S20 were actually Tarik Saeijs (71G, 86A, 157P) and Max Kroenenburg (70G, 87A, 157P). This means Jarvi was a beast this season compared to Saejis and Kroenenburg. Too bad the data from S1 to S17 is gone; I wanted to see how Jarvi matched up with Campbell. :( 


This is because scoring was at an all-time high that season with 2313 total goals over 288 league games (8.03 goals per game). This is compared to S53 teams only scoring 1913 total goals, despite expansion leading to 360 league games (5.31 goals per game).




@Kendrick @Corco @DollarAndADream @jRuutu @Banackock @ThePenultimateOlympian06


Also @gregreg why the fuck is Jarvi's update thread in the Reign forum?! Took me forever to find it.


Maybe eventually I'll go find out how many goals @Da Trifecta would have given up in S20 if he played as amazing as he did these playoffs.

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