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Helsinki Stays Confident


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Helsinki Stays Confident




Helsinki, Finland. In a season which Helsinki has been put in a position they never have been in, they have stayed confident. Over the past few seasons Helsinki has coasted their way onto the top of the European Conference. The past off-season presented a situation where that task might not be as easy. In fact, Helsinki was even out of a playoff spot after the early string of games. They've given up games to teams that they shouldn't have, and have looked rather dull in the first quarter of the season. Although their record doesn't look strong, the team and its fans alike aren't hitting the panic button quite yet.


Ethan Osborne is in his final couple seasons - which he decided to spend in the Finnish city. He's evolved from the rookie sensation who came out of nowhere, to an elite leader, now the team is demanding one more stage in his career evolution. The Helsinki Titans now need Ethan Osborne to turn into the elite scorer that can carry a larger load. 


"We have high expectations as a team, and I have high expectations as a player. I feel like I'm finding the back of the net good, but it's the rest of my player that needs to improve. I've never been built to lead the league in goals or points, but a complete player. So far, my faceoff percentage and plus-minus just hasn't been acceptable."


It's the first year in a long time where a lot of critics don't have Helsinki predicted as a Continental Cup contender. In a season where league parity is at an all-time high, this could make for a sensational story for the always strong and always consistent Helsinki Titans. This season they try and cement their legacy and gain redemption after a year of so much doubt.

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