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Claimed:Riga Boasts Many Rookie of the Year Candidates

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Riga Boasts Many Rookie of the Year Candidates



Each season, there are often two or three rookies from different teams who have a legitimate shot at winning the Christian Stolzschweiger trophy for the top VHL rookie of the year. However, in S36, there are a plethora of players who currently have a legitimate shot at winning this trophy. While there are multiple teams represented in this player pool, the Riga Reign currently boast four players (sorry Mike) who each have a realistic chance in being named the top rookie for S36.




Robert Gow III – RW – 12G, 14A, 26PTS


Much like his agent’s previous player, Austin Gow, Robert Gow III is a rookie who was looked upon as a longshot to win the award before the season started, but he has played his way into contention at this point in the season. After being a complimentary player (and that’s putting it politely) for the Ottawa Lynx last season, the small winger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has had no trouble finding the back of the net this season. RGIII currently is tied for the overall lead in goals by a rookie (12) and leads all rookies in points with twenty-six. While his stats to date are impressive, many wonder if Robert can keep up this production for the rest of the season, as the winger has cooled off a bit after his hot start to the season.




Robin Gow – C – 5G, 18A, 23 PTS, 51.24% FO


The recipient of the S35 Sakic Trophy as the VHLM’s Most Valuable Player, center Robin Gow began the season with a moderate amount of hype as a pre-season favorite for the Stolzschweiger trophy. At this juncture in S36, Robin has done nothing but improve his stock for the award. Always a pass-first player, Robin’s five goals are nothing exciting, but his eighteen assists and twenty-three points are both tied for second among rookies. At the same time, the older Gow cousin has been able to hold his own in the faceoff dot as a rookie, winning a respectable 51.24% of his face-offs. Critics of the Reign center point out a legitimate fear that Robin’s offensive growth may stagnate

towards the end of this season as Robin looks to improve upon his defensive game as well.




Brennan McQueen – LW – 12G, 8A, 20 PTS, 104 Hits


As the captain of the Riga Reign, winger Brennan McQueen has led by example on the ice this season with his solid two-way play. McQueen’s twelve goals put him in a four-way tie for most goals by a rookie this year, but it’s his league leading one-hundred and four hits that make this power forward stand out. Never afraid to finish his check and to stand up for himself later, Brennan’s rough-and-tumble attitude on the ice hurts his chance for this award just as much as it helps. While McQueen’s hit totals are impressive, the winger has found himself in the box for a league leading sixty-six minutes so far this season, which is sixty-six minutes that the young winger isn’t out on the ice generating points. In addition, McQueen may have an attitude problem, as the Reign captain has found himself thrown out of the game twice so far this season. If McQueen is going to continue to be a main contender for the Stolzschweiger, he’ll have to continue walking the fine line between putting up points and maintaining his rough reputation.




Damon Tyrael – C – 12G, 7A, 19 PTS


The second young promising center drafted by the Reign in the S36 VHL Entry Draft, Damon Tyrael has overcome his slow start to the season and has propelled himself into contention for the Rookie of the Year. His twelve goals are tied for the most by a rookie, while his nineteen points put him sixth. Tyrael has too much offensive talent to not be a contender for this award. While his slow start may have him slightly behind in terms of total points, over a full season, Tyrael should definitely be in the mix for this award given his work ethic and dedication.

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Content: 3/3 - Nice article on how the Riga Reign have the best future in the league in my completely non-biased opinion. It seems as though Riga has a good mix of defensive minded forwards, playmakers, and goal scorers. Also LOL Mike's goalie.


Grammar: 2/2 - I am disappointed in you. 


VHL rookie of the year VHL Rookie of the Year


Appearance: 1/1 - I am better than you at NHL.


Overall: 6/6 


Final: 6/6 

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