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Anyone Else Having Any Browser Issues?


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For one I don't always use Internet Explorer but I've been having Chrome issues with the forum lately and been forced to use IE 11.0 more and more on the VHL.


When I use Chrome the web-site doesn't always load fully or loads really slow.  Sometimes it loads 1/2 of the page then the scroll bars kind of disappear then eventually things work fine.  If I go to a new page though then the process starts all over.  This has just started happening in the last week which leads me to believe it might be more of a malicious software type thing I haven't gone down that road yet though just wondering if anyone else has had chrome issues with VHL lately?


As for IE 11.0 the newest update makes it so I can't copy and paste anything into the forums.  I know this is a Microsoft issue not a Invisionzone problem but if the admins/forum head people can look for an update or patch should one come down the road talking about IE 11.0 we update.


There some new options with 11.0 about compatibility haven't tested those out yet on the forum yet.

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I do think the Chrome issue is on my end since it was working fine then suddenly issues.  The IE 11.0 issues I have I know are Microsoft related as it worked fine b4 the update again think I can fix that with compatibility settings just haven't tried yet.

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Here's a few things you can do to try and fix your Chrome.


Clear Cache:

1. Click the settings icon at the top right, then select History.

2. Click Clear Browsing Data

3. Only check 'Empty the Cache'. You can also do cookies but that's kind of annoying since it forgets all remembered passwords and stuff.


Remove Extensions:

1. Click the settings icon at the top right, then go Tools > Extensions.

2. Remove anything that you didn't put there or anything that looks suspicious.


If neither of those work, I would reinstall Chrome.

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