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Excitement In Bern


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Blaine Olynick stopped 13 of 14 shots in the Royals 3-1 win over the watchmen


There's a reason to be excited in Bern after the recent victory over the Bratislavia Watchmen.


The Watchmen have been the powerhouse in the VHLM and have been the best team in the league so far. When the royals welcomed the Watchmen to Bern they had lost the previous 2 meetings 6-3 and 4-2 respectively. Not many people gave the home team a shot against a team that had only lost one game all year.


Royals fans were treated to a great performance form their team and thanks to goals from Henrik Hedman, Mikko Leskonnen, and Ron World Peace they managed to hand the Watchmen their second loss of the year and proved that they could handle the top team in the VHLM.


While he didn't earn a star for the game, Blaine Olynick had a game he will surely remember, especially since it came against such a great team. He managed to stop 13 of the 14 shots he faced and while the numbers aren't eye-popping, they were what was needed to beat the watchmen.


While it is early in the season, and while this game may not affect the standings when it all is said and done, the Royals proved that they can beat the Watchmen which is exactly what they are more than likely going to have to do to go far in the playoffs.

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