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Hey guys, the Season 5 NCAA playoffs kick off tonight and to celebrate that and a recruitment drive, we are kicking off this week in style! 


First we want to offer any former EFL member an opportunity to earn 10 Uncapped TPE. Simply come back, earn an additional 70 TPE, and you can claim 10 TPE Uncapped! If you were called back by a current member, you and that member get the benefit of that 10 tpe. With Championship Media Week starting Wednesday morning, everyone is able to earn a free Doubles Week on their Point Task this week if it involves the playoffs and/or championship games this weekend. That, couple led with your training camp and Player Store Purchases Available next week, you’ll be back to that 70tpe before you know it. 


We will be having daily giveaways and events for this week, and have some special events in store for next season, that EVERYONE will be eligible for! These will be LOADED with Uncapped tpe and player Store cash, so now is the perfect time to come back! With our welfare program with the SBA and VHL, a point task at any of the three allows you to claim your 6 points AT ALL THREE! You’re throwing away free tpe if you don’t come back! 


If you don’t have a player currently, we are offering some special grabs at extra tpe for you(and a recruiter, if applicable). With NCAA recruitment season about to begin, now is the perfect time to join, let the schools woo you, and sign with your prefect school! 

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HEY EVERYONE! I am currently putting together a special event for the 1 year anniversary of the EFL for next Wednesday. Part of this includes trying to get other players from around our leagues to participate in this event. If you'd like to see your player participate(unfortunately I cant guarantee you would though, but I will try my hardest!), just simply fill out your players name at the link below. Stay tuned! In case you were wondering about joining the EFL, now is the perfect time. We are three sim weeks away from the Season 7 playoffs(1 week real life) and starting Monday we offering a weeks worth of uncapped TPE opportunities in conjunction with the celebration!

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