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Effort: 2/2 - yea I guess

Look: 1.25/3 - Topazzzzed the fick out of this. I see really 4 main parts, which I could have docked on effort but I'd like to believe you did more then that. Text is blah. Looks very scattered.

Creativity: 1/1 - shooore

Total: 4.25/6

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Effort: 2/2 - Eh, very close to a 1.75 or lower, going to be nice on this one.  

Look: 1.75/3 - Text is not good on this at all.  It stands out far too much.  I also don't like the render effects on this, looks over topazed and lighting is virtually non-existent.  It's also extremely simple.

Creativity: 1/1 - I suppose.


Total: 4.75/6


Final: 4.5/6->5/6

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