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Kendrick to step down?


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Heavy weighs the crown

Rumors circulating around Joey Kendrick stepping down at end of season


COLOGNE, GERMANY - After a very disappointing start to S36, rumors are swirling that the lead man for the Cologne Express is considering stepping down. The Express were brought into the league not too long ago, but they have been mired in mediocrity for the past few seasons, shufflign between 2nd-4th place in the European conference, with only 1 playoff series victory in their history.


It's been a stretch of tough luck for Cologne, as they have always had to contend against Helsinki, who is on a very impressive stretch. Additionally, they have been forced into trading a few players, most notably Davey Jones, who is second in the VHL in scoring.


In terms of who might replace Kendrick if he does indeed step down, Alexander Beketov is a name that has been mentioned in recent days. He is the goaltending coach for Cologne and has a good relationship with the team and the front office. If the replacement should be anybody else, it would likely be an external hire. Either way, Joey Kendrick has done an admirable job in Cologne thus far and acquired a couple good building blocks for the future in his trade with Davos. 


Other candidates are few and far between.

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  • Commissioner

There are certainly no current plans for me to take over the team if / when Kendrick leaves; at least none that have been thus far discussed with me. Collier is currently the acting Assistant-GM and would likely take over full control.

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