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Seriously Saskatoon?


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Lars Strummer, forward for the Saskatoon Wild went on an emotional rant immediately after yet another loss today.  This one to the Ottawa Lynx.


"I am going to say it.  Being the only guy in a LR is a really difficult thing to be a part of.   Being the only guy on a team that is updating (even as lazy as I have being doing) sucks.  Knowing that you are just biding your time until you can go to a real team, well that sucks too.  When I first came to the league I thought maybe I would get a mercy pick up during the playoffs to keep the new guy active, yeah that didn't happen either.  Some people wonder what creates the environment to cause people to walk away, well look at the above, it is kinda a lonely feeling to be on a team, all by yourself.


Then you look at the city of Saskatoon, basically its a cess pool, nobody wants to drive out to the rink.  They can't even hold the Memorial Cup properly.  How much money did the government pay to bail them out again?  At least I know if I play my cards right I can get out of here in a few months."


After finishing the rant, Lars stormed off into the locker room, presumably by himself.  

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