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Sorry, Beketov. Bad timing on this being beside your signup......but.....




I'm going to be doing a simulation of a little tournament in NHL 18, with VHL players, and even VHLM ones if you sign up. Basically if you sign up, I'll throw your player into the batch, and either randomize the teams or maybe we can pick captains and do a draft of teams.


Sign up here if you want your player, or both players to be in it! I'll be creating everyone that signs up. Please include your player(s) name and position, just to make it easy on me. :P

@Kyle@Pandar@Frank@Higgins@eaglesfan036@MD9@RomanesEuntDomus@Paramorise@Evans@Toast@Velevra@solas@jRuutu@tfong@Green@Bushito@Will@701@Banackock@CowboyinAmerica@NUCK@Laflamme@Dangles13@Strtlght@Beketov@Jala@ADV@Eggy216@Devise@Cope@Tagger@Jericho@BluObieZ@gregreg@Samee@Ahma@TheLastOlympian07@ASIANBOOM@STZ@JardyB10@Smarch@Pablo@KGR@Corco@boubabi@Mr.Baller@punkhippie@Tylar@Tyler@evrydayimbyfuglien@Wasty@Kendrick@hedgehog337@der meister@Phil@Jonessee27@mpclardy@gorlab@KitRas@Beaviss


Tag whoever I might have missed. I tried to tag everyone who currently has an update thread in the VHL, and added Beaviss because you know.



Just to get some details down, this is how I'm going to do the attribute conversion from VHL to NHL 18:


Endurance = 99

Checking: Body Checking
Fighting: Fighting
Discipline: Discipline
Skating: Speed, Acceleration, Agility, Balance
Strength: Wrist Shot Power, Slap Shot Power, Strength, Aggressiveness, Poise
Puck Handling: Deking, Hand-Eye, Puck Control
Face Offs: Face Offs
Passing: Passing
Scoring: Wrist Shot Accuracy, Slap Shot Accuracy
Defense: Defensive Awareness, Shot Blocking, Stick Checking


For Offensive Awareness, I'll be picking the average of SC and PA.


Let me know any other ideas if you're against this.



Currently in:


F - Diana Maxwell

F- Rudolph Schmeckeldorf

F - Fook Yu

F - Jasper Canmore

F - Bo Boeser

F - Franchise Cornerstone

F - Fredinamijs Krīgars

F - Rudy Ying

F - Birkir Holm Gudnason

F - Pierre Gaudette

F - Verner Reinholdt

F - Theo Axelsson

F - Lukas Muller

F - Shawn Gretzky

F - Daring Do

F - Chase Keller

F - David Kiaskov

F - Mattias Forsberg

F - Phil Shankly

F - Phil Bennington

F - Motherfucker Sharpe

F - Takashi Fujimoto

F - Essian Ravenwing

F - Marc-Alexandre Leblanc


D - Roman Sokolov

D - Ay Ay Ron

D - Guntis Petenis

D - Bobby Digital

D - Lee King Snatch

D - Felix Savard

D - Dexter Lane

D - Diego Jokinen

D - Fabio Jokinen

D - Thomas Sankara

D - Casey Jones

D - Niko Bogdonavic

D - Aleksei Federov

D - Keaton Louth

D - Boner

D - Colton Rayne


G - Rhett DeGrath

G - MT Power

G - Apollo Skye

G - Torstein Ironside

G - Markus King

G - Shawn Brodeur

G - Ike Arkander

G - Norris Kensington



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