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Claimed:Return to the VHL


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Old Name Returns to VHL

With 36 years of history, the Victory Hockey League has seen its fair share of names transform themselves into brands. Names like Sterling and Kendrick have been institutions in the league virtually from day 1, while other names have had their days in the sun before fading away to obscurity. It seems that one of these names has decided to return in an attempt to get back to these heights. The player agent of Hall of Fame defenceman Jochen Walser and former premier forwards Ondrej Skokan and Geoff Gartner has announced he is re-entering the VHL with another promising young forward.



Galbraith looks to parley a successful NCAA career into a VHL career


While Ashton Galbraith isn’t thought to have the upside of a Walser or Gartner he still brings an intriguing skill set to the table. “I think Galbraith will end up being more of a complimentary guy” his agent explained “he can definitely be a part of a top line but not be the engine that drives it… more a guy that will make room for skilled players but still be able to play with them.” Scouts who have watched Galbraith play insist that his description of a complimentary guy may be selling him short; that his size and physicality combined with playmaking acumen will see him become an impact player in short order. “Guys his size who can move that fast are rare, that combined with his ability to create offence make him a very intriguing prospect” one scout argued “I could see him being in the mix for best player in his draft class as long as teams are patient with him.”

While there are certainly plenty of questions surrounding Galbraith, there are perhaps more questions surrounding his agent. While initially his name was attached to many big name players, his ability to find effective VHL players was certainly called into question after a string of relatively poor players. Forgettable names like Milos Langdon, Gabriel Rheaume, and Ondrej Skokan Jr. followed all-stars like Walser and inevitably questions arose as to if this agent had just “lost it.” “I am well aware that some of the more recent players I brought in haven’t performed up to expectations” Marshall explained “but don’t forget that a couple perennial all-stars came in under my name. I’ve done it before and I believe Galbraith will be closer to a Skokan than a Rheaume.”



Rheaume never quite got his legs at the VHL level

Perhaps the most promising aspect of Galbraith and his agents return is their determination to start fresh, and not skate by on previous reputation. “I would rather people just forget my past history with players” Marshall explained “I don’t even necessarily think it’s an advantage. If I were a GM I would be more concerned with the recent run of mediocre players than the one Hall of Famer I brought in.” “I think everybody wants to be judged on their own merits rather than compared to somebody else” Galbraith added “I think I have the ability to become an effective player in the VHL, all I ask is for a clean slate and to not be judged by the careers of others.”

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Of the "bad" players, Rheaume wasn't as bad as Langdon, Rheaume got to what, mid 200s? Not so bad, could have made a decent impact. I just remember Rheaume because of the VHLM Player Rights Draft in S20. Knight told me he was sending you down, I took you, he brought you up. Happens, just that's the one I remember because of it.


From what I've heard of Walser though, you've done very well for yourself at times.

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Content: 3/3 - Welcome back! You're from before my time here, but who hasn't heard of Jochen Walser? Very exciting to have a Hall of Fame pedigree player coming to Oslo.
Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't see a thing, very nice!
Appearance: 1/1 - Absolutely.
Overall: 6/6 - Aw yiss!
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