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Claimed:VHLM Fans Rabid as Ever


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More and more fans are showing up every game and aren't afraid to let their passion and team colour show at VHLM games.


While the VHLM doesn't get the same amount of respect or coverage of the VHL, the fans don't seem to mind. In fact, if you ask a few of them, they prefer not to have all the cameras and press at their games.


"Yeah I don't mind that we don't get the TV time that the big teams get," says Alex Valer, a long time Oslo Storm fan. "It gives us a chance to avoid dealing with all those big shots and just watch some hockey."


"Oh yeah, for us it's all we got down here except for the Riders. I love nothing better than going down to the rink and opening up a nice cold can of Pilsner and watching the Wild go win some hockey games" said Dylan Tanner, a 38-year-old wild season ticket holder.


With attendance rising each and every game, and with more and more sold out games appearing throughout the league, it seems that the VHLM is reaching a high point in it's popularity and with the sudden rush of talent coming into the league and more story-lines to follow than ever, it is easy to see that fans are taking more interest in the league.


One of the main attractions for the VHLM this year has been the play of the Bratislavia Watchmen. They have been the hottest team the league so far and have proven to be the favorites to be the ones raising the trophy at the end of the year. Another thing that has kept fans interested in the teams has been the play of their young stars Tom Slaughter and Slaeter Fjorsstrom. Both of these players are expected to go high in the draft and fans enjoying watching the play of these two future VHL regulars.


With the Oslo Storm slowly beginning to look better and perhaps looking to make a push to the playoffs, their attendance woes are slowly disappearing. With the strong play of Luke Riggs and Kimo Salo anything seems to be possible for this team and the fans are getting behind them.



Of course not every team is doing well as the Brampton Blades sit at the bottom of the standings


With the first half of the VHLM season coming to an end shortly, fans are getting ready for the roller coaster ride that the second half is sure to be. With each team trying to start to build some momentum for playoffs, there is more than enough to keep fans interested in the league. Will the Oslo storm make playoffs? Who will be able to handle the powerhouse Watchmen in the playoffs? Will the price of Pilsner in Saskatoon ever go down? While we wait for the answer to these questions, there is one thing that is not in questions: Even though the teams may not be as popular as VHL teams, these fans still love their teams and aren't afraid to show it.



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That Sebastian Ball guy started all the excitement for the VHLM. No one knew how you could sell out every night and not make it past the first round of the playoffs ever. Greatest GM Vasteras has ever seen  :D


Nice read btw.

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Content: 3/3 - Always nice to see the VHLM get some recognition, especially with the wave of new and returning members. A great group of players will be blossoming soon.
Grammar: 2/2 - Could be better, but could be a lot worse. Make sure you capitalize team names!
long time = long-time
wild = Wild (when referring to the VHLM team)
Kimo Salo = Kimmo Salo
Will the Oslo storm make playoffs? = Will the Oslo Storm make the playoffs?
Appearance: 1/1 - Absolutely!
Overall: 6/6 -  (Y)
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